How to know if it is true love or whim

Love is something that drives us all crazy, it is a feeling that makes us completely lose our minds, it is something so beautiful but at the same time so strange, different for each person, each one has a different definition of love.

That is why it is very easy to confuse true love with a passing feeling of attachment or whim. How do you know if it is love? It is an answer that you can only find within yourself.

Here are the 21 signs that will make you discover if what you really feel for that person is love

1) When you look at a material object or a cruise ship, you do not think about how happy it would make you, but about how happy you would be together, suddenly you do not conceive that trip next to another person.

2) You feel completely confident by his side, suddenly he is part of your family, of your life, you are able to tell him about any aspect of your life, no matter how shameful it may have been.

3) You find yourself singing those catchy love songs that once seemed cheesy and even nonsensical.

4) You have become the most patient person by her side, it does not matter if it is to accompany her to buy a pair of shoes at the mall or if you take her to her soccer training where you know that in the end, long talks about soccer techniques continue. gets better.

Things that you do not even understand, you are able to wait as long as necessary and this does not bother you in the least.

5) You are able to endure that person in their worst moments, regardless of whether they are in a good mood or just woke up that day on the wrong foot, you are clear that one day’s attitude will not change your feelings.

6) You know that all your clothes fit well and even if you are always ready for the appointment on time, you always decide to take an extra 5 minutes and make sure you look excellent.

7) No matter how tired you are or all the work you have accumulated in the office, you will always see him/her wherever he is, you know that it is worth the sacrifice.

8) You love their virtues as well as their defects, you accept that person regardless of their hobbies or the unusualness of their habits.

9) You do not like anyone other than that person, you could admit that others are attractive but still do not stop admiring their beauty, and even then, you do not want anyone but that special person.

10) Your happiness is your priority.

11) Never get bored of sharing moments with him, sometimes they may not have a specific or fun plan, but in the same way, you do not get tired of his company.

12) You always agree to do any kind of crazy thing that person comes up with.

13) Sometimes you tend to feel afraid of losing that person, but you quickly recover and decide to put all the effort into that relationship.

14) You dream all the time of making a life with them, you dream of the number of children they will have, you imagine what their home will be like and you are happy thinking about all the adventures they will live together.

15) You associate all kinds of aromas with that person, everywhere you perceive an aroma that reminds you of that person or of a time they lived together.

16) You strive to avoid serious problems with that person, no matter how irrational they have behaved, you don’t want to spend too much time upset with that person.

17) You seem cute (a) even when he is asleep (a), it does not matter if he is without makeup or if he has not had a shower for more than two days, for you, he is the most beautiful person even in his worst “looks”.

18) Waking up with that person makes your day, suddenly you feel that nothing could ruin that perfect day.

19) That person can tell you the worst, he can confess that he was wrong and you will not judge or hate him for such action.

20) You accept the rest of their family, you don’t care how hateful their mother looks, you really try hard to have a good relationship with them.

Analyze how many of the previous points you fulfill and thus you will be able to discover if it is good to love.