3 ways to know if a guy loves you

If what you want is to find out if a boy really loves you, you are in the right place, maybe if he has never told you it is what makes you doubt his feelings or maybe you have heard it from his mouth on different occasions but doesn’t sound convincing to you.

Regardless of the reason, when you really love a person, you need to know if they correspond to your feelings. Loving a person is not anything, you may like 3 guys but you will only sincerely love one.

Here are 3 ways you can tell if a guy really loves you.

1.  Pay attention to what they say 

It is very easy to lie when it comes to words, however, you should pay attention beyond the “I love you” or “I love you” if he has already told you.

One of the big clues is to pay attention to the way he expresses himself about his future if he talks about what they will do next summer, what they will do when they finish school or if he has plans to change jobs.

In turn, if he talks about buying a house together, how many children they will have, what the babies will be like, even if they plan to move in together in the near future, these are signs that let you know what he expects and the type future that you see in that relationship.

Think carefully about the type of compliments he gives you, it is not the same to say “What nice sneakers”, “Your hair looks nice wet”, “Your tan looks super good” to say “Woo I have never liked that so much dressed until I saw it on you ”.

Nor is it the same “You are the perfect woman, you always know what to say to make me feel better”, there is an abysmal difference between these two different types of compliments.

If he more often praises your personality, your way of being, or your human quality, it is a sign that the relationship has a tone beyond just passion and hormones.

If we can interpret each of these different compliments differently, I don’t want to mention what it means if your partner omits or doesn’t even care if you wear a new dress or if you wear that overpriced perfume that you only wear when you go out with him.

If he is only praising your physique at the moment and they have only been dating for a short time, relax!

Remember that Rome was not made in a day, men are 100% visual, that is, no man falls in love with a woman they do not like, so if he does nothing more than tell you that those jeans look incredible, enjoy it!

You are on the right track, all great love begins there, now just give him the opportunity to know a little beyond your body, it is time to make him fall in love but now with your personality.

Pay special attention to the way he talks to you and the way he says “I love you” “I love you” Remember that the context, the way he looks at you when he says it, and the whole environment in general counts even more than the words themselves.

If your boy only says “I love you” in response to the “I love you” that you give him as a farewell, he only tells you when they are alone and uses the same tone in him that he would say to the girl at the ice cream shop «a double”.

Or if when you remind him how important he is to you, he just stays quiet, keep in mind that silence is also an answer.

It is very different than if he says it holding your hands, looking into your eyes and the tone of voice he uses is totally different from his usual tone and you can perceive a certain degree of sweetness and sincerity.

If he whispers it in your ear every time he can, without having to be a goodbye or because you told him first, or if he does not care if a third party or his friends hear him express his feelings for you. Loves you

Likewise, if he says in any way that he loves you no matter who is present because he knows it is true and does not have to hide his feelings.

Guys who really love their partner don’t need a special occasion to say how much they love that special girl.

If he takes your opinion into account, he gives it as much importance as if his mother were saying it or refrains from doing something when he knows that this may upset you or make you feel bad.

This has nothing to do with the erroneous idea that you are controlling him but on the contrary, he decides not to do it because he knows that you are his priority and he is not willing to do something that could put you wrong, it means that he really loves you.

He will respect your points of view, although on some occasions it does not coincide with your decisions, he accepts that he is not absolutely right and that in your relationship both make decisions and that your point of view is just as important as his.

On many occasions, he lets you make the most important decisions as long as you feel comfortable, he lets you choose the decoration of the house, the suit for your wedding, the place for dinner, or even if you decide not to invite any of your family members to dinner. importantly he accepts it with good pleasure.

Try not to abuse and try to impose your ideas or manipulate him to do things that may go against his values ​​or his personality, if he really loves you he can allow you to do it, however, he will end up getting tired of being manipulated by you.

2.  Pay attention to their actions

Have you ever heard that our actions speak louder than a thousand words? This phrase is absolutely right because we demonstrate a thousand times more our authentic feeling towards a person with actions every day than the words that we could say.

That is, if your boy works all day and even has to stay overtime or an extended day of work without payment for all his commitments, or if he is in school and the extraordinary and final exam stages are approaching.

No matter how busy he is, he still always has time for you, his spare time is dedicated to doing things together and he does not usually care if they do not have a great plan for the weekend.

He will be happy just being with you, watching a movie, or just listening to you how it went throughout the week, he dedicates time to you and you will not have to miss it.

When a man really loves a woman, what he wants is to be with her, and on his own initiative, he does the impossible to be there.

This is simply the case if your boy tells you all the time that he is too busy to see you, if he always has something more important to do or if you only get to see him after you asked him several times or even complained to him since they never see each other…

If this happens you should stop for a bit and think about what is wrong with your relationship. You must analyze where they are failing and if it is evident that he is the only one who does not do his part.

Then it is no longer worth it to continue with that relationship since you deserve something better, someone, who dedicates quality time to you and loves you deeply.

See if he has a genuine interest in what you say. When a man loves you he cares about everything you want to tell him, he is interested in knowing if you have problems, if you have a new project, if your mother is ill or if you have a new partner at work.

If he does not mind hearing the same story a thousand times in which you won your promotion or when you were about to fail and the teacher for your performance in the course gave you a point that practically saved your life.

He will listen to you carefully because he loves you and loves to listen when you speak.

Another sign is if he does nice things for you, if he goes to work for you, if he brings you a surprise breakfast, if he gives you gifts for no reason, it is a great sign of how much he loves you.

When a man really loves a woman, it is not necessary to tell him that you like him to be detailed with you or to give you his coat if it is cold, he will do it on his own because he loves you and when we have a feeling like that for another person the only thing that we want is to make her happy.

To truly love someone means accepting that person as they are and not trying to change them, it means giving them their own space, when a man is in love he seeks to spend time with his partner.

But he also knows how to understand that you have a life and your own activities for which you need time for yourself without reproach, when a person wants to spend with you 24/7 this is no longer true love, it is an obsession and insecurity on their part.

If he truly loves you, he will be with you through thick and thin, he will support you in all your dreams even if one of them involves being physically separated for a while, he trusts you and wants the best for you.

3.  Pay attention to their behavior

When a man is in love he is forced to be who he really is at all times, he is not willing to pretend to be someone else and risk one day not being able to pretend anymore and losing the person he loves.

A guy who is truly in love with you will act totally natural around you because he knows that you accept him for who he really is and that he loves being that person with you.

He is willing to show you a side of himself that he does not show to many people, he will tell you the mistakes he considers necessary that you know how to continue with the relationship and guarantee that you do not get unpleasant surprises.

He tries every day to be his best version, without you having to ask him.

If he knows that you do not like the fact that every weekend he comes home drunk, that he smokes too much, or even if he has some dangerous addictions.

No matter how difficult it is, he will leave this, and he will do it for himself because he wants to be a good man for you and he wants you to be proud of him.

If he doesn’t care that his friends are around when he takes you in surprise when he tells you that he loves you it is a great confirmation of the love he feels for you.

If he had a bad day at work, has a health problem, or is simply sick, the mere fact of seeing you makes his day brighter, that’s how we are in love, seeing those happy staff makes us happy too.

Knowing if your partner loves you is very important to continue the relationship, you cannot make a castle by yourself, you need his help.

If a man really loves you, he must comply with these signs, it does not matter to what extent, but he will comply with them.

He can be a shy boy and sometimes he will be self-conscious when showing his love for you to your family or friends, so he will avoid these situations but in the end, he will show you his love in every way.

It can be a guy who is not very expressive and does not spend all day telling you that he loves you madly.

However, in all his actions you will notice the love he feels towards you, remember that we each have different languages ​​of love so we express it in different ways and in different magnitudes.