How a man looks when he likes a woman (look for these signs)

When a man likes you it is more than evident from the way he looks at you. Men are far from mastering the noble art of observing a woman discreetly.

While we are able to cast the most conspicuous glances without the object of desire being taken for granted, they (luckily) are not good at hiding their intentions when a girl has stolen their hearts.

But in case you’re still wondering if that guy likes you, just read below for the clearest signs you have to learn to spot.

Ways to know if a man looks at you with desire

You are going to meet two kinds of guys in life. The simple ones and the professionals, when it comes to looking at a woman and communicating your intentions.

1. He stares at you

This is what simple men do. They don’t complicate things too much. If they find you attractive, they will stare at you and you can frequently surprise them in the act.

It can be a bit unnerving for a girl to realize when a man stares at her this way.

But remember that most of them do it unconsciously and without bad intentions. Although if he makes you feel uncomfortable, you have every right to tell him as is.

Men are visual creatures, so they like to stare at everything they like for a long time. Like a cute female body or a pretty face.

2. His face shows that he is amazed

Guys really look shocked when they come across a girl they like. Almost as if they had never seen a pretty woman.

So if a guy likes you, you can see that perpetual look of astonishment on his face. It’s almost like they go into a trance, because the moment you look directly at them, they will look away and look very embarrassed.

Most guys don’t have the ability to stay very conscious when they are being enchanted by a beautiful lady’s body.

3. He talks to his friend and they both smile at you

Classic. When a guy has a crush on a girl and happens to be with a friend, he can’t resist the temptation to point out that he’s lost to that beautiful girl. So if you see them throwing glances and giggles of complicity, surely one of the two likes you a lot.

4. Avoid your gaze just when you turn to see him

This happens when a guy is looking at you conscientiously. He is not in that trance state from the first time, but he is performing a somewhat colder analysis of you.

If that’s the case, as soon as you turn in his direction, he will do his best to hide that he was looking at you. When they do this, you can be pretty sure they were looking at you.

5. He looks you in the eye and smiles

Men who are very self-confident around women have a tendency to be able to look them in the eye rather than having to sneak peek at them.

These kinds of guys will come right to you, look you in the eye while telling you how beautiful you are, and close the approach with a huge smile. These men are very comfortable and are natural seducers, so when they like something, they go for it bluntly.

It can be quite helpful to understand that men have tunnel vision. In this way, his range of vision when it comes to a woman is quite narrow.

Precisely that to contemplate something well, you must fix your eyes on it. The women have a much more developed peripheral vision, and that allows them to scan up and down someone who has attracted interest without being noticed obvious way.

The best way to know if a boy has been looking at you is to try to “surprise” him when he is sure that you are not going to look at him.

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