10 reasons to tell him that you like him right now

How many times has it happened to you that the boy you like starts a relationship with a complete stranger and the only thing in his favor is that she confessed what she felt for him and you did not?

It is at that moment when endless stormy thoughts come to your mind. What if I had told you first what I felt? What if he liked it? How is he in a relationship? Why didn’t I tell him?

So that you do not feel that way again, I share a list of the reasons why you should tell him that you like him.

1.- You will  never be as young as you are now

No matter how old you are, you will never be as young as you are now. Just think for a moment. What is the only thing the old men regret? Correct! Just the things they DIDN’T do. Youth is made to make mistakes, have fun and learn, do not waste it.

2.-  Your friends and family will support you

Believe it or not they will always support you, they may not like your boy or even they do not like him at all, but once you decide on him, they will undoubtedly support you because they love you and they love to see you happy.

3.-  Right or wrong, you deserve to know

If you are upset with him or he did something that you did not like; he deserves to know. Likewise if you don’t stop thinking about him and you love everything he says or does. You owe him that truth that he does not know.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a good or bad thing, you can’t keep ignoring how you feel about him. What if he feels the same as you? You will never know until you try!

4.-  Maybe he doesn’t feel the same

Like everything in life, there is more than one probability and it may be that he does not correspond to your feelings, but don’t worry, nothing happens! The important thing is that you already told him and a “would” never cross your mind.

Now you can start closing cycles and it is natural that at first you do not feel so good, but the good news is that you are moving forward and it is time to give another boy the opportunity.

5.- It would  explain why you’ve been acting so weird with him

He would understand why he has discovered you on occasions looking at him, sending him messages for no specific reason or when they are going to see each other and you fix so much for him.

Many kids receive these signals but they don’t know how to interpret them or they need a “nudge” to tell them that you would like to fix all their problems. Come on, don’t let any more time go by!

6.- He  will respect you for it

Guys know better than anyone how complicated it is and the force of courage it takes to tell someone you like.

So automatically you will have earned their total respect if you are the one who does it, plus we are in the 21st century! You will show that you are above the standards and that you are different from the rest of the girls who “just wait for their prince charming to come to rescue them.”

7.-  What’s the worst that could happen?

Asking yourself this question will help you in any area of ​​your life because you realize that nothing is bad enough not to try. What is the worst that could happen? Tell you no? That’s not bad (go back to point 4 if you need to).

8.-  Screenshots, a danger today

Maybe he decides to publish the screenshots where you confessed your love (if you did it by this means) and this only means one thing, he is a “j3rk” who does not deserve you and of course you won! You got rid of an idiot like that.

9.-  His friends will definitely respect you (if he decides to post)

If he published it, many of his friends could say “the easy girl who tried to hook up with my friend” but you know that you are not and do not ever allow anyone to call you that.

The group of his friends who know you, know that you are not an easy girl and without a doubt they will respect you for the courage you had and they will see him as a hopeless idiot.

10.-  The result is always worth it

You are beautiful and brave, you like him and if he does not feel the same, in reality, he is the one who loses it and you can continue with your life; but if he corresponds to your feelings then you will have a beautiful love that could never exist but for your courage.

It is at that moment when you realize that it was all worth it and that it does not matter the risks you took if you fought for what you wanted.

There is nothing better than fighting for what you want and breaking schemes, show that you are a free and authentic girl, with self-confidence and capable of overcoming any adversity. Dare and tell her you like her!