12 cute ways to tell a guy you like him

We know! You have found that special boy and you are so excited. The only problem is, he doesn’t seem to have a clue that you like him. But the very idea of ​​going and saying it to his face seems like something completely scary.

The truth is, no offense, some guys are absolutely clueless when it comes to recognizing a girl’s signals. You can do kinks in front of him and he still won’t believe you’re a bit weird.

This is very frustrating because you can’t find a way to send her a subtle message and you don’t want to seem too obvious either.

We can dress up beautiful, go to the salon for a shocking hairstyle, and buy a completely new outfit just for him. But some men are just never going to relate those actions to the fact that we like them.

So if your goal is this kind of guy, don’t wear yourself out!

You need to get to the point

But finding a way to tell someone that you like us is very difficult. We feel we have a lot to lose. It is a reality that this first approach can define whether or not a relationship begins.

Everything is in how you do it, and of course, you do not want to spoil it. But when you subtly insert doubt in a person’s head it is not an option, you must take a risk and find a good way to tell them that you like them.

How to tell a guy that you like him and be successful?

It is not always easy. Contrary to what we are told, men are not always thinking about flirting. In fact, at that moment they may have a head full of thousands of other things. It is not that we do not attract them, it is simply that we have to generate the atmosphere.

So the best strategy in this case will be to find the right way to inform him that we are open and interested in starting a relationship with him.

1.- Say it up front and bluntly

Some men only react to direct stimuli. If you stand in front of him and tell him that you like him, there is no way he won’t notice. Of course, doing something like that requires a lot of courage and self-control.

But if you do not feel completely sure of power, better check some of the other strategies, because you could get stuck in the middle and it would be fatal.

2.- Be interested in their interests

One way to show a guy that you like him is to take an interest in the things that interest him.

If you really like music, talk about recent concerts you’ve been to. He may not immediately notice that you are doing it because you like him, but he will start to notice that you are compatible.

This will lead to a rapprochement.

3.Compliment on the way he looks

You obviously find him attractive. So tell him! If something is going to get a man’s attention, it’s telling him that you find him very attractive. This will also make him realize that you noticed the way he looks and start his mental mechanism spinning.

4.- Make compliments about their work

Probably something men like more than compliments about their looks are compliments about their work.

If you express to him that his work seems interesting or of high quality, you will surely reach the deepest part of his ego and make him feel wonderful. This will make her want to keep looking interesting to you.

5.- Ask him questions about himself

Whenever someone has an interest in someone else’s life, it is taken as a sign of attraction.

Ask him about his family, his childhood, and his personal aspirations. He is definitely going to notice that you are trying to get to know him better. Get in touch and generate some kind of connection.

6.- Use body language

Some men find it much easier to interpret what our body says than what we say with our mouths. It may sound sad, but sometimes it is.

When the two of you are talking, try to get closer, play with your hair, and touch it every now and then. These are all ways to tell your brain that you would like a more intimate approach.

7.- Smile more

Smiling is the way in which people show that we are happy and comfortable. If you smile a lot when you are with him, he will begin to realize that being around him makes you happy, and hopefully he will draw his own conclusions.

8.- Make eye contact

Holding someone’s gaze is basically demanding their full attention.

Now, we are not implying that you should stare at the guy you like all the time, that would be rather weird and could be counterproductive.

We mean that you find the right moment to hold his gaze and allow him to realize that something is happening.

9.- Ask him if he is single

If you do not know, it is essential that it is one of the first things you find out. Otherwise, you could be very disappointed later.

But if you know that he is single, and he doesn’t know that you know, just ask him. This will generate a little curiosity on their part and give them a hint of what you are looking for.

Some men don’t realize it even after such a direct question. But many will answer with “Yes, I am. Why do you ask?” And that’s the really hard part. You can play off the hook and let him do his guesswork or get to the point.

10.-Have confidence

Confidence also demands attention. If you are confident around him and have good self-esteem, he will notice. Men love confidence and if you are one of the lucky ones to have it, you will have no problem.

11.- Talk to your friends

Men also like to talk to each other. Don’t think it’s just a girl thing. Obviously, if one of his friends finds out that you like him, he will run to tell him.

If you are too shy, you can turn to a friend. In fact, that was a very popular way to flirt back in the days of courtly love.

12.- Show him that you find him funny

Science tells us that we find people who laugh at our jokes more attractive. That’s because we are quite self-centered at heart. Take advantage of this human weakness and show him that what he says sounds funny to you.