9 tips and secrets to keep a happy marriage

What makes a happy married life?

By definition, a marriage refers to the process by which two people who truly love each other make their relationship permanent. With this act, the two lovebirds become one, creating a bond that lasts a lifetime. Until death separates them!

Relationships are difficult and marriages are no exception, as you will have ups and downs. So what makes a married life happy? How can you ensure that even if you go through difficult times together, you will always come out even stronger every time? These are certainly difficult questions to answer as no one knows what kind of challenges they will face once they get married. But for a happy marriage, you must love each other, trust each other, learn to express yourself freely and respectfully, and be there for each other. There are many things that make up a happy marriage, but these qualities mentioned above lay a good foundation for a happy and prosperous marriage.

9 tips to maintain a happy and successful married life

1. Establish good communication

Communication is the heartbeat of any relationship, allowing you to express your love and even concerns. Establishing good communication between you and your spouse will help you to get to know each other better and also to learn about each other’s love language. This is essential, as understanding the language of love is one of the secrets to a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Communication also acts as the glue that basically holds any type of relationship together, and without it, the marriage is sure to fall apart once the couple faces tough times. Communication is what allows you and your partner to overcome obstacles, because by being able to express how you feel, you and your spouse can resolve any type of barrier that gets in your way.

2. Always appreciate each other

Sometimes when people get married and life goes by, they can take each other for granted. This is something to avoid at all times as it can make your once happy and beautiful marriage incredibly toxic. To avoid this, be sure to appreciate yourself on a daily basis. Make it a habit and it will soon become a culture that will become firmly established in your marriage.

Appreciating each other will make you and your spouse satisfied with your marriage, which will bring you a lot of happiness. To show appreciation, you can do things like say “Thank you” always, acknowledge and appreciate your spouse for their efforts, buy gifts for yourself, and praise your spouse both in public and in private.

3. Be a good listener

Listening generally brings a lot of good. There is a difference between listening and listening, since listening is an art or a skill. It is not just about being attentive to what your spouse says, but it also involves being able to decipher even what is not said. Listening involves our hearts and not just our ears. If you are not a good listener, your marriage will have a breakdown in communication that will lead to an unhappy marriage. Unable to listen to each other, they will disconnect, resulting in an unhappy marriage, as they will all lead separate lives.

4. Be honest at all times

Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to marriages. Hiding things from each other, no matter how small, can cause the marriage to fall apart, as later, eventually, it all comes to light. Honesty allows you and your spouse to resolve any conflict or misunderstanding that may arise in your marriage. Without honesty, such conflicts will never be resolved as you will never admit them. Those lies will create a huge dark cloud of unhappiness that will always hang over your marriage. Honesty allows you to freely express your actions, feelings, and thoughts to each other creating a happy marriage.

5. Be independent

The reason being independent during marriage is so important is because you cannot be happy with your spouse if you are not happy on a personal level, and this also applies to any other type of romantic relationship. Being independent means that you have to keep working on yourself and find time to enjoy your personal hobbies. Being independent allows you to be whole first, allowing you to make a more positive contribution to your marriage. It’s also good for spouses to be less dependent on each other as that creates fewer burdens, making them a gift to each other – a support system and not a necessity.

6. Respect each other

A disrespectful marriage is an unhealthy marriage and an unhealthy marriage is an unhappy marriage. Some of the factors that go into preserving and also generating respect in marriage include reciprocity in which it is given and received, reciprocity that helps balance power and accommodation. This means that respect in marriage must be mutual, accommodating, and reciprocal. Mutual respect ensures that there is no excessive criticism, as you both value and treat each other in a loving and caring way without contempt.

7. Learn to accept to disagree

No matter how perfect your marriage is, you will not be without arguments. From time to time, they will find themselves in disagreement and this is normal. There are some opinions, beliefs, and attitudes that you find common ground on, but there are some that you may not agree on. This is where being able to agree to disagree comes to the rescue, as you both have respect for each other’s point of view. This creates happiness as points of contention will no longer be a problem in your marriage.

8. Commitment to each other

A healthy and happy marriage is all about commitment. You and your spouse are two different people with different tastes and preferences. This means that it is not always possible for things to go your way every time and you cannot have disagreements every time that happens. Learning to commit allows you and your spouse to feel important and appreciated, resulting in a healthy and happy marriage.

9. Learn to accept each other

This is especially important for women, as they are known for their constant scolding. Accepting each other brings peace to the marriage as they no longer seek to change each other. Acceptance allows you to focus primarily on the positive aspects of your spouse rather than the negative aspects that you don’t like.


A marriage is a beautiful thing when there is love, happiness, and trust. A healthy and happy marriage fulfills purposes such as companionship, protection, enjoyment, fertility, and it also completes you. That is why learning the secrets to maintaining a happy marriage is essential for everyone in a marriage or for anyone who wishes to join the sacred institution of marriage.