13 signs your marriage is almost over


Marriage is a very beautiful thing. You join two special people to live a life side by side. Marriage isn’t all sunny days, blue skies, and daisies. Marriage is hard work. Those of you who remain 100% committed to your marriage and do everything possible to keep your bond strong and love alive, I congratulate you. You are warriors fighting for your own special love. As much as there are successful happy marriages, there are also marital failures. You never know who it will happen to. Sometimes these things just happen. This article will be a good base or foundation to see where your marriage is.

1. Emotionally withdrawn

Within a marriage or any relationship, communication is key. This is extremely significant when it comes to emotions and how each one feels individually. When someone walks away talking about something related to the way they feel, there may be some sign of broken or failed communication. When someone does not want to be emotionally involved in a marriage, they would consider that marriage dead and more.

2. Refuses to make the relationship work

If your partner is not willing to put in the effort and work to fight and make this marriage work. I hate to tell you dear, but they no longer want to part with your marriage commitment. For them, their marriage is over and it has probably died for them. They probably want to end and leave the relationship, but have not thought of a suitable way to be told. Sorry honey.


3. Look for love elsewhere

Sometimes the worst thing your partner can do is seek love and attention elsewhere. This can come in all forms. They can fully dedicate themselves to work, so you will see less of them. They can take the most popular option that most people make when they are no longer involved in the relationship and that is CHEAT. Yes, cheater. This includes physical cheating or just excessive flirting and touching.

4. All communication is gone

Like I said before, communication is key! So if your partner refuses to communicate and just walks out of the discussion or avoids any serious conversation, chances are that you are ready to end this relationship.

5. You fantasize about a life without your partner

If you or your partner are fantasizing about being with other people, living a life without being married to them, or simply being your own individual without your partner, this probably means that you are no longer married. Marriage requires monogamy. Depending on your marriage, of course. So if this definitely doesn’t describe how you feel right now, maybe you should consider discussing this with your partner.

6. Pros & Cons

If you have gone so far as to list the pros and cons of your marriage, you should definitely consider which one is greater than the other. If the evils outweigh the good, I can guarantee that your marriage is on its way to ending.

7. Don’t share personal thoughts

This goes with some of the above signs. When your partner doesn’t share your thoughts, you can almost guarantee that your relationship is over or failing. They don’t want to share who they are with you. That just can’t be especially since you two are married. In a marriage, there are no secrets. You say what you think because your partner loves it when you do it.


8. Negative defense mechanisms

Ah, defense mechanisms. So spiteful, but so protective. In some cases that is. This is not as positive as you think it is when it comes to failing marriages. Defense mechanisms can be anything. For example, when you express how you feel or concern and your partner becomes too defensive. Or do you and your spouse discard each other’s needs? Do you criticize the beliefs of the other? If you are not listening and using negative defense mechanisms to solve a problem, you will get nowhere. This is not how you solve a problem.

9. Solving marital problems alone

This correlates with the previous sign. If you are not both and only one of you makes the marriage worse, you are more likely to solve these marital problems on your own. Your partner makes no effort to overcome these problems and live a happier marriage.

10. One wishes the other more

This sign is a big red flag. With any marriage, there are certain wishes that must be fulfilled, of course, by both parties. In a marriage, both parties need to individually put 100% into the relationship. So if you want your partner to be more emotional, physical, etc. and they are not reciprocating the same feelings, this marriage is definitely on its way to an end.


11. All you do is argue

Arguing and disagreeing about life is probably one of the main factors why marriages don’t work out or last. If all you and your partner do is argue, I mean don’t be rude, but why are you together? Sure, every relationship goes through its ups and downs, every relationship is not perfect and you tend to argue here and there. But if your relationship consists of nothing more than negative conversations and arguments, maybe it is better that you get out of this relationship and go and find your lives elsewhere.

12. You keep asking yourself

If you find yourself questioning your marriage or wondering if you really want your relationship to end, then maybe you will. I feel like this is a very common sign when someone is unhappy in their marriage.

13. You never spend time together

Being in a marriage is difficult. You must maintain not only your personal life but also maintain your marriage and love life. You can’t always be busy. That’s when time management comes into play. If your partner means a lot to you and you want your marriage to work, you need to find a great balance between your life and your marriage. You cannot leave your partner out. So if your partner never wants to spend time with you or never wants to schedule quality time with you, they might not think that it is that important to him in the end.


Best wishes

Whatever you end up deciding, in the end, is your life. Nobody and nothing should tell you how to live it. If you are not satisfied, change it. Either to fix your marriage or to leave it. You will know when you are supposed to do it. Best wishes to you anyway. Keep smiling and always know that love will always be with you.