Will he come back to me or should I let him go?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “If you love someone, let them go…” many times before, but you never thought about it. It means the inability to contain or force someone’s love and tells you that true love needs to flourish from absolute freedom. You simply cannot keep holding on to a person because you are afraid of losing them, the truth is that you wouldn’t have to hold on so much if they are. If the bond you feel with him is true, and if the relationship between the two of you is destined to be, he will definitely return, that’s for sure.

Residual love: the reason it will return

They will always know that you have wanted the best for them, and the feeling of love that coexisted in the relationship will remain in their hearts once you have untangled all the other knots in life. That feeling of lingering memories, which won’t let you sleep at night after your separation, is called residual love. Experiencing that will make him unsure whether or not he really wants to cut things off with you. This means that there is a chance that he will return too! Keep reading this article to discover the signs that you are in this state.

6 signs you’re undecided about breaking up

1. Says “I love you” after both of you broke up

Often times when people break up not because of a lack of love, but because they feel compelled by a certain situation, they will make sure that their partner knows that they love them. If your ex broke up because he had to deal with more pressing priorities right now, or he just realized that he wasn’t emotionally ready to go through with the relationship, he would have said something about how he still has affection and love for you. If this is what happened, then it’s a hugely positive sign that it could really come back! It means that the core of the relationship is there, it’s just that you have to solve a problem before you can reconsider getting back together.

2. He was upset at the time of parting

Your behavior at the time of the breakup can tell a lot about your mood. If you feel like you’ve received vibrations of genuine pain from his side, for having to lose you, this is a green light for a possible relationship renewal. If any man seems to be afraid of losing his girl, of not having her love and care in the future, it clearly means that he loves her. In this case, it is imperative that you do not text or contact them in any way, to give them a taste of your absence and how you really feel. This would make them realize its importance on a deeper level.

3. Initiate conversations after the breakup

While exes may simply text each other at times to keep in touch as friends, the intentions may not always be that innocent. If he’s the one who texts you every now and then, asking how you’re doing, it’s a possible sign that he’s undecided about the breakup. If it keeps happening, it means that you missed their company and want to enjoy it again. At this point, he would be jumping around on the idea of ​​you coming back to him. If this is your situation, it’s time to be unpredictable. To get it back, you also don’t have to be available at times. Make sure you don’t totally dismiss the idea that she is dating someone else soon, but we’ll discuss that more in the last part of the post.

4. Asks you “like a friend” questions and really cares

There is a phase where your ex can enter with you when it is only labeled as friendship and mutual care between both parties keeps them in touch. If during this phase, he shows a special interest in your life or asks questions about what is happening in your life, this could be an indicator that he is trying to assess whether you are coping well with the breakup. Usually, this is because he might want to get back to you and wants you to feel the same way.

5. Makes plans for “casual” meetings

It could be masked as him asking you to meet up for coffee as “friends” or to “catch up”, but it could be a potential sign that you are still undecided about the breakup. If he is asking you to accompany him to an upcoming concert, or to a new restaurant that opens just to talk, it means that he is making plans to see you more often. He likes having you around and doesn’t want to lose you completely. It’s just a matter of how quickly the chemistry rebuilds so that he’s sure to renew the relationship. Be sure to give him sneaky signs of approval for his loving and caring demeanor.

6. He says he misses spending time with you

A rare one-time “I miss you” doesn’t guarantee a conclusion that he possibly wants to get back with you, but saying it more often than usual can definitely be a green light. People might miss someone at a particular time without wanting to go back to them, but if they keep mentioning how they miss doing a certain activity with you or going to ‘your place’ together, it means they are letting their guard down with you. . She is telling you that it has been difficult staying apart, and that is a super positive sign!

Test the waters – can you get him back?

Make sure to pay close attention to their behavior with you! Comparing the state of your affairs to the six different signs we have mentioned above can greatly help you test whether or not you can get it back. If some of these signs show up as a yes in your situation, and you have this shoving feeling in your stomach that he wants you back to, then it’s probably worth a try. There are certain known factors that could make a man come back to you if he still likes you, and these are discussed in the next title.

What you can do to get your relationship back

For the most part, four main components add up to push a man back with his ex. They are listed as follows;

  1. Hour

  1. Space

  1. Change

  1. Urgency

1. Give him some time

Obviously, he has to spend some time alone without you to realize that he likes you better when you are around. Let him feel the loneliness of a cold dark night with no one to hold onto. When he has a fever and there is no one to take care of him, you will be the only thought he will have.

2. Give him space

Here, absolutely zero contact is essential. Basically, it will have to disappear from your life, your sight, and your scope completely. This may seem counterintuitive, but what you are forgetting is that you would not disappear from their thoughts. She’ll miss being with you when she can’t get a response from you at all, as Passenger says “And you only need the light when it’s going down, you’ll only miss the sun when it starts to snow …”

3. Make changes

Seeing a difference in the way you were and how you are now can have a huge impact on your ex’s thought process. Cutting off contact and showing them that they no longer matter could be an example of that as well. But you should mainly focus on making positive changes that are not for your ex, but for your own betterment.

4. Create a sense of urgency

There’s another way to describe this, it’s called having to move on without actually moving on. Have fun, try other people with casual dates and enjoy this moment that you have in your hands. If he’s watching you, and if he has residual feelings, this attitude will force him to make urgent moves if he wants to have you back. Without urgency, you may never act!


Sometimes the two intertwined parties have different expectations of the relationship. A person may be looking to have a shoulder to rest on, looking for a partner who offers to listen when you have bad days, but who is not always reciprocated by the other person. In this way, men are not always fully prepared for what you may be looking to accomplish with them in a relationship, and that is understandable. You might have other, more overwhelming concerns to deal with right now.

If you’ve broken up over such a compelling external situation and there’s still love in the middle, there’s always the chance that he wants to get back to you a little later. This article walks you through the confirmation signs of your residual feelings and provides an action plan to do your best to get it back. All the best!