How to say I love you without saying it: 8 different ways to do it

There are a few times that we want to say “I love you” to the person we love, but it is not always easy and it is not always the right time to do so.

If you are in a hurry to say it directly or you think it is too soon, we teach you how to say I love you without actually saying it, with 8 different ways to express it so you know.

How to say I love you without saying it

Saying “I love you” is not easy for many people, as it is an important step in a relationship. For many it is even a risky step, because we do not know if the other person feels the same, nor do we know how they can react.

That is why we show you how to say “I love you” without saying it directly, with 8 different ways to express it in a subtle way and without making it obvious.

1. Eye contact

The classic saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul does not exist in vain, because with a single glance we can express and transmit even the most profound messages. One of the best ways to say I love you without saying it is through a sustained and deep look at the other person, in which we can send our love without having to say a single word.

Maintaining eye contact after a deep kiss or during a hug in bed is one of the ways we can say I love you without having to use this dreaded phrase. In the same way, you will be able to see if you are reciprocated through their gaze.

2. Touch his face and hair

Another different way of saying I love you without actually saying it is through physical contact. Gestures and caresses can also say a lot, especially the way you convey it to them. Caressing the hair or face of the other person in a sweet way, especially if we accompany it with a fixed look, is an indisputable gesture of what we feel for that person.

3. Hug him

Hugs help us bond with other people and are one of the best ways we can say I love you without using these words. A long and intense hug can express much more love than any other phrase.

If we are in bed, another way to express what we feel is through a hug in the form of a spoon. It is a gesture that expresses interest, that shows a lot of affection for the other person.

4. Laugh at everything

A sense of humor can be a great bonding point for many couples, and making each other laugh can be an important part of a relationship. Letting the person know who makes you laugh is just as important and is a way of letting them know that you love them without saying it. Laughing even at their baddest jokes will be a sign of how you feel about that person.

5. Details count

Showing that we pay attention to the small details and that we remember the things that the other person likes are one of the ways to express our love in subtle ways. They are also a way of showing that we really listen to and care about the other person. At the end of the day, small gestures are what count, and being able to show that we have them with the other is a different way of saying I love you.

6. Worry about him

In the same way, worrying about the other is also another way to convey your love without having to say it directly. Sending a message to find out if they have arrived safely or asking about something that worries them really shows interest and love for the other person.

7. Surprise him

Surprising the other person is undoubtedly another way of showing what you feel without having to express it in words. Whether it is having a detail with him that is not expected or giving him a personal gift, surprising him with something is one of the gestures that show your love for the other person. If you also surprise him with something he was looking for a long time, you will be showing that you pay attention to him and that he means a lot to you.

8. Use different words

But there are also ways to say I love you with other words and without saying it directly. In moments where you feel the need to pronounce those words, you can use expressions such as “I love you”, “I can’t stop thinking about you”, “where have you been all my life” or “I can’t get enough of you”, which express love by the other person without resorting to the dreaded phrase.

Another original and different way of expressing your love without having to pronounce “I love you” can be through the phrase of a book or a song. It is another subtle way of expressing what you feel and checking that you feel the same.