What do men like? 11 tips to make them fall in love

Sometimes it seems that men and women speak different languages. And we not only speak, but we think differently. Sometimes in trying to understand each other we lose our lives. But do not be overwhelmed, if we can decipher what men like everything is easier.

Having a good relationship or falling in love with the man you like is possible. You don’t have to stop being yourself or do extreme things to conquer it; you just have to know what men like. Here we share some of the things they want.

What do men like? 11 tips to make you fall in love

Relationships do not have to become a power struggle. You have to find a balance where both parties feel good. To achieve this it is important to find out what it is that men like.

It may surprise you what they really want. And if you do not do the exercise of speaking with your partner and expressing what you expect from him, and allow him to express the same to you. Surely you will discover that several of these tips to make him fall in love are things that he likes.

1. Show interest

Show genuine interest in their hobbies, hobbies, or projects. They like sports, fantasy movies or literature, comics, and video games. If you also like the same thing that he does, it’s easier, but if you don’t make a real and genuine effort to be interested.

They like you to get involved and excited but in a real way. If you don’t like him at first, make an effort, ask him and investigate. Maybe you will end up liking his hobby! And it will be a way to show your love.

2. Confidence in yourself

Being confident is something that men find very attractive. Although it is normal that there are days that you feel down or not very safe, what is attractive to them is that most of the time you feel confident and happy with yourself.

A boy will like to see you full, confident, determined in what you like and what you don’t like. Jealousy is reduced with this attitude, and they feel less overwhelmed with the subject. Enough of the insecurities! Men are drawn to seeing you walk confidently and confidently.

3. Zero dramas

Men don’t like dramas. And let’s face it, neither do we. There is emotional wear, misunderstandings, and many times, nothing is solved. It is best to fix problems without the need for drama or aggressive situations.

If there is something that made you angry or you think it is important to talk about something, do it directly and minimize the drama. While it is important for him to know how you feel, there is no need to overdo it. Perhaps in the reverse situation, you would not accept an excess of anger or drama on their part.

4. Speak things out directly

Men don’t like having to guess what you want or feel. In fact, it is not just that they do not like it, it is that sometimes they are not good at perceiving or intuiting what it is we want. If you need or are bothered by something, it is best if you tell them directly without detours.

One of the things that men do well is for women to tell them what they expect of them directly. When asked: “Would you like me to bring you something?”, “Has something I said or done bothered you?” Have I forgotten something important? “, It is best to say things clearly.

5. That his friends like you

Men like that you get along with their friends. Even if they seem rude or even wild or unpleasant to you, you have to understand that they are his friends and he likes to be with them.

If you simply don’t like them, at least you have to make an effort to respect them and not make negative comments about them. This as long as you do not fall into excesses or irresponsibility on your part, you have to put up with disrespect. But if you object to him seeing and living with them, this can complicate your relationship.

6. The food

They say that you fall in love with men because of the stomach, and it has a lot of truth. One of the things men like the most is eating. But that does not mean that you should cook every day if you do not like that or are not good at it.

It’s about making an effort and sometimes surprising him with something special. It can be prepared by you, but if cooking is not your thing there are also other options. You can invite him to his favorite restaurant, order food delivery, or research new places to go together.

7. Respect for his relationship with his mother and family

It is very important that you understand and respect the relationship he has with his mother or his family. In the family, relationships are where there should least be issues of jealousy. You must understand that each person has a special place and that he has a close relationship with his mother, it is normal.

It may be that with your sisters, cousins, aunts, or with other members of your family your relationship is also close and full of complicity. There are some wives or girlfriends who get upset about this; however, it is where there should be less jealousy and more understanding and support.

8. Don’t argue about insignificant things

Getting the pointless arguing out of the way is something he will greatly appreciate. Admittedly, he will continue to squeeze the toothpaste from the top, he will keep raising the toilet seat, or he will not wash clothes separated by color.

As long as they are things that do not affect physical and mental integrity, and the line of respect is not crossed, it is better to ignore them a little. Coming to agreements and solutions that keep stress and mindless arguments away is vital, and doing this will greatly improve your relationship with him.

9. Buy him clothes

They don’t like to buy clothes, and if you buy them he will appreciate it. Most of them do not care to wear one shirt or another, and when someone facilitates their work they are infinitely grateful.

If you want to give him a birthday or Christmas gift, or just have a gift with him, buying him clothes will be successful. Something that is according to your style or taste, or it is even possible to ask what you would like. If you save him going to the store to buy, he will almost certainly like it!

10. Natural women

Many men like women to go without makeup. Also, go with your hair down or in a casual ponytail. Although you can obviously also be impressed when you dress for a special occasion, the truth is that women who go natural are also very attractive.

Don’t be afraid to show him who you are. Going without makeup, wearing casual clothes and without trying so hard on your hairstyle shows confidence in yourself and you are sure to captivate him. One of the things that men like the most are that you have no problem showing yourself natural, especially if they compliment you first thing in the morning.

11. Be the protector and be protected

Men like to feel strong and protective. Have no problem allowing it to be so. Being vulnerable at times and allowing him to protect you does not make you weak or dependent. He will like to protect you as well as for you to protect him and for you to be affectionate.

Hug him, kiss him (they love his neck and chest), caress him, and pamper him is very timely. It can be done both when you have a problem or just for no reason, and that is that it is something that men like and it helps to maintain balance in the relationship.