How To Get My Partner Back If He Feels Overwhelmed – Helpful Tips

In love relationships there must always be a balance . If the situation at home is too cold or too hot, things could get out of hand. Neither extreme is good, not even with care and affection. We all need to find balance in everything we do in order to live in peace.

Many times it happens that we offer our partner much more than they are capable of receiving or, on the contrary, we give them less than they really need and in either case a feeling of overwhelm and intolerance may appear.

You may be feeling that you are overwhelming your partner. Is that true? Find out here and also discover what you can do to solve it if it is true.

Causes my partner may feel overwhelmed

The burden in a partner is something very delicate, because it is a clear sign that said person is getting tired of you, your attitudes and treatment. It may sound a bit alarming, but it is reality. When a couple feels overwhelmed, they will act like a cornered animal trying to escape at the first opportunity.

However, there are times when the burden is caused by our fault and others when it is not. And to determine whether the relationship can continue or not, it is important to know why our partner is feeling burdened. Is it because of us or is it simply that he no longer feels the same way?

Excessive attention

Even good deals are not pleasant if they border on the excessive. We are all independent human beings who will need our own space from time to time. If we feel like they are stealing that space, and our alone time, we will soon feel trapped in a cage.

Excessive jealousy

Although feeling jealous is normal, when the situation is out of the ordinary, our partner can feel overwhelmed. Especially if you are not doing anything wrong. The pathological jealousy or unhealthy can end a relationship faster than you think. And apart from pushing your partner away, it also damages your mind, taking away your peace and tranquility.

Ownership and control of the relationship

Remember that a relationship is not a prison and that each member has a different way and way of doing things, based on this it is best to avoid by all means wanting to have full and total control of your partner, since that way you will be able to scare him away .

Lack of maturity

This is an important point in the life of each person that makes up the couple. Having an adequate maturity allows you to know when you can or cannot perform some acts always in favor of the relationship.

On the other hand, when they have a high degree of maturity, the couple allows themselves to rest in each other’s arms and this is always a help and support in times of chaos.

Many conflicts

A calm partner and a problem partner will always be in constant disagreement. And in all cases, the calm couple will not bear the constant fights and little by little the love will fade.

Lack of interest

When the other partner loses total interest in you and it seems that nothing matters to them, they usually feel overwhelmed with the smallest thing that happens. Especially since it is in a place where it does not want to be.

Tips to get back with your partner if you feel anxiety or anguish about the relationship

A relationship should be as fluid as possible. This means that everything that happens in it must be natural, without anything forcing situations or anything like that. It is very important to keep this in mind, because when we begin to demand more or to give more, without the other person having a desire to give or receive, they can become overwhelmed. Therefore:

Give him his space

Maybe you think you don’t need it and you don’t want it either, but this is just your perception and it doesn’t mean that your partner feels the same way. Each person needs to have their personal space in which they can enjoy their privacy, think, do and say whatever they want because this is part of their identity as an individual.

So, the fact that you can respect the individuality of your partner without being asked, greatly improves the relationship and prevents your partner from falling into a situation of overwhelm feeling that he cannot do anything while being with you.

Show that you are emotionally independent

It is not only a matter of proving it but actually being it. When you are emotionally independent you do not suffer from attachment or feel that your partner leaves at some point in life.

Being emotionally independent means that it is not necessary to be on top of your partner because you have your own problems to solve and this makes your partner feel calm and since he does not see any type of pressure then the burden on him does not exist.

Accept their strengths and weaknesses

We all have positive things and negative things and this is what makes us different, to prevent your partner from feeling overwhelmed, try to accept both what is good and what you consider bad from him and do not try to change it because first he already is an individual and second being does not have the obligation to change things about himself because a third party wishes to do so.

Of course, this is not an excuse for your partner not to make changes in favor of the relationship, they just have to know how to find the balance.

Talk about the things that cause you conflict

Communication is the best tool in a relationship and the fact that you can express what bothers you and what doesn’t, greatly favors the whole relationship. Try to give your partner and you that confidence that you can say things to each other and then seek together a solution that benefits both of you.

Avoid toxic attitudes

If there is something that annoys and overwhelms a man quickly, it is the feeling that he has a policeman as a partner . If you are of this type of person, we recommend that you can work on it to avoid chaos within your relationship.

Avoid under any circumstances falling into a serious toxicity point that makes your partner want to run out of the relationship.

Flow with the stream of relationship 

You will realize yourself if your partner is willing to give the same as you, or if they have the same level of commitment. If he doesn’t have it, decide if you want to talk to him about it, or if you leave the relationship.

Forget about jealousy

If you are a girl with certain insecurities that make you very jealous, try to leave this side of your personality behind. Pay attention to your partner’s actions and focus on the two of you. Excessive jealousy will only make your man move away from you instead of closer.

To work on jealousy, think about what it is that generates jealousy , perhaps it is the thought that your partner looks for another person and abandons you or that he/she finds someone with abilities other than yours and you feel displaced, this abandonment or This sense of inadequacy is what you must work on in yourself.

just relax 

There is nothing men like more than a woman who knows how to relax. That he does not get too carried away by the problems or inconveniences of the day to day and that he knows how to laugh.

Share the things you like

Let your man express himself however he wishes. Get to know him, respect him and don’t try to change every detail of his personality. If you didn’t like him the way he is, why did you hang out with him?

If I overwhelm my partner is it because I am toxic?

In most cases, a toxic girlfriend manages to overwhelm her partner very quickly. So if you feel that you are a toxic woman, evaluate how have been the reactions and the treatments you have had lately.

Accepting that there are certain things in which you are exaggerating, is the first step to change for the better. Don’t let your too strong a temper damage your relationship and be willing to change if you really need it