How to make my partner miss me, value me and respect me

Do you want to make your partner miss you, value you and respect you? Keep reading here because you have come to the right place. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about it to get it.

All couples must find the best way to live with each other. It is important that there is good harmony and harmony in relationships at all times. It is not only enough that they are physically united, but also spiritually and mentally.

Only in this way can both be valued and respected as a couple, and they will know what is best for the relationship and for both. If you think you need to reinforce this aspect in your relationship, you have come to the right place.

How to promote respect between couples?

Respect is the basis of all relationships, be they love, friends, parents to children, etc. Therefore, you cannot expect to have a healthy and stable relationship with your partner if it is not based on this fundamental pillar.

In addition to that, it is something that we all want to receive from others. I honestly don’t think there is anyone who likes who is not treated with respect.

Through respect, the other equally important pillars are born to achieve a strong and stable relationship: communication, love, and intimacy. And with the latter we are not referring only to sleeping together, it is about being an accomplice with your partner, being able to function as a team, knowing their looks and body language.

Love is not enough for your partner to value and respect you. On the other hand, without respect none of the other three pillars of a relationship would not exist. As a consequence, promoting it in the couple is of vital importance if you want to have a serious and stable relationship.

The keys to respect in a relationship

Therefore, if you want to promote respect in your partner, keep the following in mind:

  • Sincerity: Above all, sincerity is essential to promote respect. It is not that we should treat our partner nice to get something or to appear someone we are not. On the contrary, it must be completely transparent, for the simple fact that we only look for good things for them.
  • Empathy: empathy in your partner is another way to show respect. If you manage to put yourself in the place of the person you say you love instead of always trying to impose your ideology, you can leave behind the constant fights that only wear down the relationship.
  • Acceptance: beliefs, the way you think or speak, your customs and certain personality traits must be respected. We are not looking for a partner to change her completely, but to love her as she is and live with them in a harmonious way.
  • Details: something that characterizes love is that despite the differences we look for the best way for the other person to feel comfortable and safe. It is important not to leave out the details, as it is a way of reminding them that we are still there, loving them like the first day.
  • Equity: in a healthy relationship, the roles of dominator and dominated do not exist. They both have the right to say yes or no when they want to.
  • Decisions: Decisions that are important and affect both of you should be made together, never separately. Even if the consequences were only for you or that it was something insignificant, one way to show your love is that you take it into account and that their opinion is very valuable to you.

Tips to make your partner value and respect you more

It is normal that over time your partner does not value or respect you. It wears out little by little as the relationship progresses. Little by little, the little details cease to be important and we take for granted that the other person knows that we love them. This is a serious mistake and one of the most common factors in breakups.

Love is like a small plant that needs a lot of care and attention . Every day we must show our partner how much we care about their presence in our life. Your partner should be your safe place, someone you can trust when you feel sad or need a hug.

With this we want to tell you that, if you want your partner to exrta, value you and respect you, you must become their best option. Yes, we understand that it can be frustrating to see that the person we love does not realize that we are by their side. As a consequence, we end up getting angry and acting spitefully.

To give you have to receive, so yes, reader friend, if you want your partner to value you and respect you, you must value and respect them too. All those crazy ideas you had of making him jealous or saying things like that you can be with whoever you want will have a counterproductive effect.

At the end of the day, you will end up pushing your partner away. He won’t feel like or want to spend much more time with you. For he will understand that you are not someone who is worth fighting for to stay.

Think for a second, would you want to be with someone who constantly disrespects you, makes you feel insecure, and tells you that they can leave at any time? If for your partner you are just one of the bunch, you will want to run away.

Improve love between couples

When you’re with one person for too long, sometimes you forget why you got together in the first place. This causes multiple inconveniences and in each fight or discussion, the idea of ​​ending the relationship becomes much more nested , although this is not the ideal solution.

  • Meet again to fall in love again. Travel, go for walks, to eat, to the movies, etc.
  • Find the best way to improve coexistence. They can even set some rules.
  • Be a little flexible with each other’s hobbies. For example, if your partner is a fan of order, try to clean up what you get dirty.
  • Encourage mutual respect, communication, and love.
  • Have more time just for the two of you, especially if you have children.
  • Say goodbye to routine and surprise your partner with a spontaneous outing, a kiss out of nowhere, a chocolate on any given day, etc.
  • Share some hobbies or interests
  • Solve problems that arise peacefully, without yelling, imposing, or blaming.
  • Thank him for the most insignificant things, for example, the morning coffee or something that he has had.

What can I do if my partner does not value or respect me?

If you have come this far it is because the changes you have made are no longer working for you. If, after trying several times with a lot of love and patience, be his best option so that he values ​​and respects you, it is time to rethink the situation.  

It’s time to start thinking about you because your partner probably doesn’t love you anymore. It may sound harsh, but if you’ve tried everything and nothing works, then you should let it go.

Value yourself

It is normal for women to begin the process of grieving a breakup before it happens. It is that we are generally more detailed and pay attention to everything that happens around us.

If you see that you cannot get your partner to value and respect you, it is time for you to start doing it yourself. Woman, you are beautiful and you are worth a lot. Take some time to pamper yourself, hug yourself, and love yourself a little more.

Strengthen your self-esteem

Those of us who have been through a relationship in which we are not valued or respected feel that we are worthless . The constant lack of respect damages our self-esteem considerably.

The problem is that, in these cases, it happens little by little and almost without realizing the long-term effects. Insult after insult is wearing down our way of perceiving ourselves and many times we end up believing that it is what we deserve. Let me tell you that it is not.

That a person has not valued or respected us as anyone else deserves does not mean that we are not worth it. The world is surrounded by people who are willing to give everything for us.

Leave out the details

One of the ways to leave feeling behind is to stop being detail-oriented. Yes, it will hurt at first because we love our partner. However, you must understand that when your partner does not value or respect you, it is best to follow our path.

As we told you at the beginning, women go through the duel before the breakup. By leaving the details aside, little by little you will get used to being alone . In this way, you will no longer depend so much on your partner to feel better.

Don’t always be available

Once you have managed to leave that person who did not respect you, do not go back . Remember that being by his side only hurt you and made you feel miserable. You can write a goodbye letter for a love that did not value you to end this situation.

In the same way that your ex was not paying enough attention to you, make yourself unavailable to him or her again. With this, you will only get him to keep using you every time he needs you. You will also help him reaffirm his idea that anyone could have you and that you were not worth fighting for.

Put a little distance

Following the previous point, you must leave behind a partner who does not value or respect you by putting distance. If after leaving it he writes you asking you to come back because it is going to change, do not give up so easily.

Generally when we move away from a person we tend to suffer from “fresh poop syndrome” . Surely you wonder what it is. This is something our grandmothers used to say a lot and explains why we should not go back with an ex:

“When your poop is still warm and you are near it, you can smell and know that it is poop. Now, you move away from there and time passes, you do not feel its smell. At this point, you may start to doubt whether what you have seen before was real or not. You even mistake it for chocolate and you will want to get closer once more.

However, if you do it again, you may be hesitant at first, as time has passed and it no longer smells like poop. But, when you start to move it, you realize that at first you were right. ”

Surely, you wonder what we mean by this. Well in other words, when you separate and walk away you start to miss him and remember only the beautiful part. The problem with this is that , if we go back to an ex, little by little they will be the same as before.

Show him that you have a life of your own

You don’t need to prove that you have a life of your own. If when you were together he did not value or respect you, it is very likely that he is no longer interested in what has happened in your life. That is why you should only focus on yourself and try to be better.

When you want something, you always look for a way to get it. Therefore, if you have blocked him from your social networks and he wants to know more about you, he is likely to ask his friends or check your profile from another account.

However, when he had the opportunity, your partner did not know how to value or respect you. It is that many of us realize what we had after having lost it.

Defend your ideas

Always defend your ideas, but do so with respect . It is one thing that you are convinced of your ideas and that you want to defend them to the death. It is quite another to try to impose them.

In the same way that you would like others to value you and respect your beliefs, ideologies and ways of thinking, you should.

If someone has a different perspective than you, then you should respect it and not try to impose your way of thinking.

Invest in you

To strengthen our self-esteem and value ourselves a little more, it is necessary that we invest time in ourselves . Nobody better than yourself to take care of yourself, love you and respect you.

You can go to a gym, do a sport or physical activity, start a beauty treatment . Do something that you really enjoy doing, be it shopping, a change of look, reading, buying what you wanted so much, etc. It is the only way to cope with your breakup.

Show him that he needs you

If you still want to insist on being with someone who does not value or respect you, show them that they need you. In the time that you are apart, show him that you are a person worth fighting for.

This is not to say that you are desperate to get back with him or her. On the contrary, let her know that you are a decent girl, someone who can be trusted, someone who offers a safe place to stay and that not just anyone can be with you. In this way you will make him see that to be with you they have to fight, because you are the best option of all.

Do not tolerate abuse

Following the previous point, if you decide to go back with a person who has not valued you, make yourself respected . In any situation in which he insults you, raises his voice or wants to impose things on you with which you do not agree, say so. Otherwise, you will return to the same situation as before.

Everything that bothers you or what you do not agree with should be said in the moment. Don’t let time pass by keeping important things to yourself. If you wait for one day to explode and not hold on any longer, you will end up saying things in the form of reproaches.

Evaluate your relationship

If they went back to the same thing as before and your partner does not respect or value you, then you should evaluate the situation. Take the time you need to weigh all the good and bad.

Think about what you give, what you receive, and what you would be willing to give or do for the good of your relationship. If there is nothing else to do, then it is best to let it go.

Think if it’s worth it

It is important that you take time to think coldly if your partner is worth it or not. Do you really want to continue tolerating their constant disrespect?

As we told you before, the world is surrounded by people who would give everything to be with you. And as the saying goes, “for every broken, there is an uncooked one.” It is never too late to start from scratch again.