Twin Flame Separation: Its True Causes And How To Fix It

Why does it happen and how to deal with the separation of twin flames?

If you have met your twin flame, you will have no doubt that the two of you are destined to share a path in life. 

It is that the twin flame connection is felt instantly. 

It is a union similar to that of soul mates, but even deeper.

It could be said that twin flames are two parts of the same thing. In many ways, they are and always will be one. They are mirror souls, they challenge and complement each other.

If you are not sure if you have met your twin flame or even if you have one, here are some clues. 

They can be identified in four main ways: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. 

In general, the harmony in these aspects between twin flames is like no other.

Due to this fact, the journey of two twin flames is usually long, intense, and difficult.

All twin flame relationships go through different stages or phases on this journey.

One of the most common and most difficult phases is what is often called the separation phase.

When this happens, it is sudden and clear. 

Both flames are confused and full of sadness.

It’s also important to note that every relationship is different; no twin flame journey is the same.

With that being said, the reason twin flames split up is more often than not due to personal growth.

Let’s go over the five big reasons why you and your twin flame might have split up. 

That way you will know what you need to do if you want him to come back to you.

1) Lack of self-love

One of the most important keys to living a fulfilling life is learning to love yourself.

With the ability to love yourself comes the ability to love others and genuinely help them. 

This is true for all relationships and especially for twin flames.

Since twin flames are so closely intertwined, a lack of self-love will result in problems in the relationship.

It can be a big reason why you are facing separation from your twin flame.

Twin flame relationships will challenge you, a lot, but it will help you see who you really are. 

When you or your twin flame shows a lack of self-love, it can be painfully obvious and seem impossible to deal with.

The pain may still be fresh, but looking back to find out why you have separated from your twin flame will help you begin to heal.

2) Psychological and spiritual weakness

Mental growth is a key part of maturing and developing as an individual. 

There will always be things that come up in our lives that test our psychological and spiritual strength.

Psychological maturity is vital, to cope with the stresses of life as we grow older.

The ego is one of the biggest things that can hinder spiritual development and growth.

In a twin flame relationship, you are one of two parties. Many compare it to being a separate soul in two bodies.

And that doesn’t really leave much room for ego, does it?

And when the ego is tested, threatened, or told that it is less important than anything else, it tends to get very angry.

A reactive ego, leading to separation from a twin flame is a great sign of psychological and spiritual weakness. 

It is the cause that could divide you and your twin flame.

3) A genesis for healing

Twin flame unions have a higher path than the two people that make it up. 

The reason for the separation does not have to be for one person or another. He may walk away, or you may feel the need to. 

It may be for a larger reason, one that could eventually bring the two together once more.

Perhaps one of the two flames was being too co-dependent, or too controlling and toxic. 

Or maybe they were both unhealthy in the relationship.

Whatever the reason, separation becomes the source of healing.

4) Reflect negative traits

The twin flame relationship is a journey of personal growth. 

The ability of two twin flames to together have to do with the personal growth of each one.

This is actually true for all relationships. The exchange with another is always an opportunity to see traits of ourselves. 

And in the case of twin flames, this is perceived more intensely.

Twin flames are often called mirror souls as well. When two mirror souls come together, they mirror each other.

That is why love and bonding are so strong, and why this type of relationship is so extraordinary.

It is also one of the main reasons twin flames plunge into stages of separation. 

They show and reflect the worst parts of themselves to each other and that is something that is not easy to deal with.

Together with your twin flame, you will see how many traits you have to work on.

Having those aspects put in front of you, all the time becomes unbearable.

The separation almost has to happen to allow those things to be revealed and then corrected.

5) Logistics, time, and distance

A twin flame connection is long-lasting. 

The two will go through the most exciting events of life together. 

Both will have ups and downs, twists and turns. Their paths may twist and deviate at different times, but still, they will have each other.

It may be that the reason you and your twin flame are separated is that it is a necessary part of that life path.

His goals, ambitions, and plans can drive him away from you. 

It could be a timing problem, maybe now is not the right time for them to be together. You cannot fully connect with your twin flame during this period.

Know that everything will be alright because it is part of the journey that you two are on together.

You are one and the same but in two parts. When those two parties gain distance, it may not be a bad thing.

In fact, probably twin flame separation may turn out to be a good thing in the end.

How to cope and repair the separation

Twin flame relationships are primarily a boost for growth. 

It doesn’t matter how devastating the breakup is or has been. There is always an opportunity for personal growth and development.

The harsh truth is this: Although it may have been your twin flame, there is a chance that the separation could become permanent.

It may not be in this lifetime, that you reconnect with your twin flame.

This is why, no matter when the meeting with you and your twin flame occurs, it is so vital to take the time to focus on yourself.

Let’s review 6 things that will help you during the separation phase

1) Work on yourself

Taking the time to focus on yourself after any breakup is always a good idea. 

When it comes to repairing the separation between you and your twin flame, that is where you should start.

When you focus on yourself, you grow. 

You’re basically getting the ball rolling, so you’re both ready to meet again. 

Knowing that this might or might not happen.

Once you take the time to focus on yourself and grow as an individual, you will be ready to welcome back your twin flame.

2) Use constructive mechanisms 

Dealing with the separation from your twin flame is one of the most difficult things you can experience. It’s like a part of you has been torn away.

Whether you are the one chasing or the one running away, as soon as you leave your twin, you feel his absence and you feel it intensely.

Trust the ride and don’t overreact to strong feelings.

Accept them and accept yourself for feeling despair, helplessness, and sorrow.

Find constructive outlets for your feelings. 

Constructively facing everything that is happening is one of the fastest ways to heal. It will help you deal with traumas and negative events in your life.

Maybe you like to make art or music or write in a journal. There are so many ways to turn your heartbreak into something constructive, something healing and beneficial.

3) Find out what he wants

One of the biggest mistakes we make in love, and frankly in many other areas, is assuming that we know what our partner wants and needs. 

But, even you probably don’t know exactly what you need, do you think it’s right to believe in assumptions?

Especially when it comes to men.

If your twin flame is a boy, there are most likely some elements of the relationship that you are not seeing, and it could be the reason you broke up in the first place.

So instead of assuming it is better to ask. He talks honestly with your twin flame to understand what he is feeling. So they can see if there is a way to the solution. 

4) Keep him in your thoughts

If you feel a strong desire to repair the separation between you and your twin flame, keep it in your thoughts.

Personally, I am a great believer that our thoughts influence the environment around us and the reality we create. 

It’s an idea that has gained a lot of traction recently.

Twin flames share an unbreakable connection, one that bridges the gap between time and space. Love in general does, actually.

When you think of your twin flame, chances are they are thinking of you. 

People often dream of their twin flames, they feel them close even if they are thousands of miles away and they are always in tune with them. 

Even after a separation.

Thinking of your twin flame will keep you close and help you mend the divide.

Just make sure you stay healthy about it. 

Don’t think that ignoring your need to heal will be enough to get him back. 

5) Keep the lines of communication open

It may be too soon for you and your twin flame to reconnect. 

Whether you are the pursuer or the pursued, it is important not to rush through the separation stage. 

There is something that both must learn, and the re-connection will only be successful if both have grown enough.

That said, there is nothing wrong with keeping communication open between the two of you.

Keeping that person in your life in some way will not only help you heal and deal with the sudden emptiness of losing your other half, but it will also help you both reconnect when the time is right.

6) Never forget that separation will make you stronger

Separating from your twin flame will be disorienting, confusing, and extremely difficult. 

Accepting that fact is where healing can begin. 

It is very important to remember that while you are separated from your twin, you become stronger with each passing day and with each step you take to heal and learn.

The moments of solitude are those that allow us to know each other deeply. 

There is no one by our side to blame or with whom to vent our frustrations, which forces you to face them. 

You will be able to see very clearly what you really want without another interfering in your judgment. 

You will be able to take the time to understand what caused the separation. Evaluate what role you played in it and then start to grow from that, this will only make you stronger.

And when you are stronger, your twin flame is stronger.

Trust that bond you share, know that at some point you will meet and be together again, regardless of the cosmic timeline.

Use your independence in your favor, grow, develop and heal. Being single, even for a long time, can always be to your advantage.

How do I know it’s time to reconnect?

As we mentioned, no two twin flame relationships are the same.

Each union has its own destiny and path that is unique and unlike any other.

You will feel the pull and pull towards your twin flame when the time is right. And he will feel the same way about you. 

You will be stronger and feel ready to let him back into your life.

If you’re not sure if the time is right, waiting a little longer might be a good idea. 

Remember, your destinies are intertwined, so you don’t have to doubt his return to your life.

There are twin flames who saw similar signs that brought them together. Signs that helped them realize the time was right:

  • When the twin flame appears in dreams. Dreams are a powerful phenomenon. If you have repeated dreams with your twin flame, it could be a sign that both of you are ready to reconnect.
  • Your twin flame does not leave your thoughts. If the time has passed and you know that you have evolved while separated from your twin flame, one day you might notice that you have been thinking about him regularly. Your twin flame may have been doing the same thing. Her thoughts are starting to re-align and it could be a good sign that it’s time to reconnect.
  • You reestablish an emotional connection. Twin flames have a strange way of understanding each other and reading each other’s thoughts. During the separation stage, this connection can be severed or ignored. If you feel a mental re-connection with your twin flame, you feel that you are able to intuit their thoughts or feelings once again, it could be a sign that it is time to reconnect.

In summary… 

There will never be a shortcut solution to the problems that a twin flame relationship will face. 

Each journey is long, winding, difficult, and extraordinarily unique.

However, there are commonalities that will help guide you as you grow together with your twin flame, grow apart, and eventually reunite with him or her.

One of the most important things to remember is this: there is a reason for your separation.

If you have recently separated from your twin flame, it is normal to feel deep sadness and confusion. 

It’s okay to be disoriented and insecure, to the point of wondering if they really were your twin flame.

It’s okay to feel surprised, to not understand why the separation happened so suddenly.

Understanding why it has happened and allowing yourself to grow as a person is the best thing you can do. 

Although that may seem like the hardest thing in the world.

Twin flames, in general, are not meant to stay apart. 

You should know that separation is just one stage of many in a complex and extraordinarily rewarding relationship.