How does a man act when he wants to end a relationship? 10 signs

Are you starting to feel like your boyfriend is becoming a totally different person? 

Someone you can hardly recognize anymore?

It’s hard to admit this, but these could be signs that a breakout is on the way. 

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been together for a long time or a short time.

Live together or apart.

Whether they are boyfriends, concubines or are married.

If he wants to break up with you, this can happen in any circumstance.

If you want to know if this could happen, discover the 10 signs below that will tell you if your guy wants to break up with you.

10 signs that will tell you if he wants to break up with you

1) You always feel a bit of tension when you are together

Do you often feel that there is something wrong in your relationship?

This could be your intuition telling you that something is not right between you and your man.

You may not feel as comfortable as before, conversations may be forced, and loving gestures have disappeared.

Maybe you’re just having a bad day or you’ve just been dealing with a lot of personal issues. Don’t be too quick to judge the situation.

You will know if your concerns are valid, if the tension continues for a long period of time, and on a constant basis.

That is a great sign that you two are not as compatible as you thought.

2) There is something strange about the way you two relate to your family and friends.

Has he stopped talking to your circle of friends recently?

Or do your interactions start to get more awkward?

If he is thinking of breaking up with you soon, it would make sense for him to try to distance himself from your friends.

In your head you may think that there is no point in trying to maintain a connection with them.

He may also be trying to avoid unnecessary upset if he suspects your friends will be mad at him after the breakup.

On the other hand, have you noticed that their friends and family are distant from you?

Perhaps he has already informed them of his decision to end things with you soon. Or maybe, she has been talking about how unhappy she is with their relationship.

Another sign is if other people have been flirting with you and your boyfriend, even though they know you’re in a relationship.

Perhaps these people are sensing their impending breakup and are simply taking advantage of the situation.

3) He acts distracted when you talk about your future together.

When you start talking about their future and what plans they might have, does he always try to deflect?

This is a clear sign that he does not want to let you know that you are no longer a part of his future.

Or when you find him talking about the future, he approaches it as if he were only thinking of his own plans.

Also, when he talks about the direction his plans are headed, does he take your opinion into account? Or do you make decisions only on your own?

Have you been mentioning, more and more, how you want to live somewhere far away from where they are?

Did you recently change jobs or colleges without thinking twice?

And what can be worse is, if you already agreed on a plan together, he changes it without telling you.

All these are ways of acting of a man, when he wants to end a relationship.

4) He has been changing his appearance

Maybe you don’t pay much attention to how you look anymore.

While this can be due to many other factors, it can also be a sign that he no longer cares if he’s attractive to you.

That may mean that he is ready to leave you soon.

Or maybe, on the contrary, you are worrying too much about your appearance.

Are you exercising a lot so you can look better physically? Do you find him posting attractive photos of himself on Instagram?

Of course, it’s good to want to look better.

But this could be a red flag. It’s sad, but this may be because she’s trying to impress a new girl she likes .

5) He is being extra deceitful with you

If you feel like your partner is always hiding something from you, this could be a sign that your relationship is beginning to deteriorate.

Even if you don’t know what he’s hiding, maybe it’s time you listen to your intuition.

For example, have you become very secretive with all your electronic devices?

It can be suspicious if he always quickly hides his phone or any other device when you get close.

Has he recently changed all his passwords and now he doesn’t want to share them with you?

Do you find that he constantly lies to you about things that, in his words, are “no big deal”?

Did he lie about his Saturday night plans? Or did he give you the wrong location for the party he just went to?

He also can’t seem to look you in the eye, even when you’re talking to him.

This may indicate that you feel guilty, because you are doing something wrong. Or maybe he’s about to break up with you and feels bad about it.

6) Your communication is less and less

Is he always interacting with his phone when you’re together?

In a social setting, are you always talking to someone else or in another room?

Are you always in a hurry to leave, when you hang out together?

He could be deliberately doing these things to avoid talking to you.

You can also see this in their body language.

Maybe he barely looks at you or always has his body away from you.

Is it much more difficult to start a conversation with him? And if he communicates with you, is it always too short and cutting?

Do you notice that he always prefers to send text messages instead of having video calls?

These are indisputable signs that he is wanting to get away from you.

7) You are starting to prioritize other relationships

It is normal for him to spend time with his own friends and family.

But if you notice that you are always his last priority, it may be because you are no longer important to him.

Do you often feel excluded because you have more complicity with other people? Do you feel like his friends now know him better than you?

Instead of coming to you, when he’s having relationship problems, do you hear rumors that he’s talking negatively about you to other people?

If this is true, it means that they have a hard time facing you, when they have problems in their relationship.

8) It is no longer so sweet and romantic

Was he the type to shower you with compliments, but now it’s hard to even get him to talk to you?

Maybe he stopped calling you because of the special romantic nickname you had together.

But the biggest sign that he’s ready to give up is if he doesn’t regularly tell you that he loves you anymore.

Are you still their priority when it comes to important dates and celebrations?

Still trying hard to give you good birthday and Christmas gifts?

If he is thinking of ending things with you, he may not be as helpful as before when you share your problems with him. He has stopped feeling that hero instinct that you had initially activated in him.

Finally, physical contact is also very important in a relationship. Has he become less physically affectionate with you?

These are all crucial signs that your relationship is no longer a priority for him.

9) He is not really interested in your life

Does he ask you less about what you’re doing? When you tell him about your work struggles, does he seem like he doesn’t care at all?

It is also possible that he does not remember important dates and events, which you specifically told him in advance.

When these things happen, it’s common to feel very alone in your relationship.

It’s like he already broke up with you in his mind.

10) Makes no effort to resolve conflicts

When he argues with you, you notice that he doesn’t try to solve the problem at all.

His unwillingness to sustain your relationship is very evident and is surely affecting you negatively.

Now is the time to ask yourself this important question: if you didn’t put any effort into the relationship, do you think it would survive?

Do you feel like you’re the only one carrying the weight of your relationship and working to fix its issues?

Based on the honest answer you get from yourself to these questions, you can determine what you should do next, for your own good.

effort is everything

It is important to remember what your boy was like in the past.

For example: did he love to do sweet things for you, but now it is impossible for him to fit you into your plans?

If you see these drastic changes, it may mean that he no longer values ​​you in the same way.

So if you have established that this is the case, the next step is to sit down and talk with him.

If he is constantly avoiding you, find a way and make it clear to him that you need to have this talk.

If you suspect that he wants to end the relationship with you, it is best to prepare yourself.

You will want to have your closest friends around, who can help you through this difficult time.

Additionally, they know your personal circumstances, so they can provide you with more information on how you can best approach this situation.

Whatever the outcome, trust that everything happens for a reason.

It is better to end a relationship without love. Learn to forget it. 

In this way, you will be able to give yourself the opportunity to that person with whom you can really plan and enjoy a life with love.