9 Best Love Text Messages For Your Partner

How about texting your husband with something else instead of the list of things he needs to learn on the way home?

How about texting him with something nice and sweet?

Why not send him a message of love?

Here are 9 creative suggestions for love text messages you can send your husband, take a look!

Don’t think that showing your affection and love through text messages is childish and unnecessary.

Sure, you could just tell him all these things when you talk to him face-to-face, but doing it like this, out of the blue can really make it even more special.

Don’t you think your husband will be ecstatic when you brighten up his day at work with a cute little message?

There’s no price in putting a smile on his face and letting him know you’re thinking of him when you’re apart is a surefire way to do that!

The best thing is that you don’t have to be sentimental and corny to communicate your love and affection!

You can do this in your own style, so we’ve broken down our suggestions into 10 slightly different categories!

Go through them and choose which ones fit your personality best!

Check out these love text messages you can send your husband:

1 . Showing Affection:

Words of affection should be spoken often in marriage, but unfortunately, the rush of everyday life makes it easier to forget to communicate!

Sending him this text will not only make him feel good and put a smile on his face, but it will also intensify the bond you two have!

2 . Be Cute:

Letting him know that he makes you happy even when he’s not around via text message is always a nice thing to do!

Imagine the big smile he will have when he reads that you are smiling and happy and he is the reason behind it!

3 . Get Emotional:

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really use your ear and isn’t comfortable communicating emotions, why not use the perks of texting?

Even a simple, timeless “I love you!” will do very well!

Your husband will be thrilled that you decided to text him.

Of course, he knows you love him, it’s nice to write once in a while.

4 . Loyalty:

It’s not you assuring him you’re being faithful, far from it.

It’s more like you’ve made it very clear that there’s no one in this world you’d rather be with than him – and that will make your man very happy.

5 . Love Is Silly:

At first, he will smile as a reflex, and then he will smile because he will have some rather dirty thoughts running through his head!

So send him this text and you can start gearing up for a hot night!

6 . Kisses:

Remind him of the good times, it will make him remember and it will definitely make him smile.

It’s not your typical romantic text message, with this one you really have room to customize it.

And it doesn’t have to be about kisses, you can use any of the fun memories you have!

7 . Missing Him:

You probably miss him during the day, but you wouldn’t think to tell him about it.

That’s life, you work different jobs at different times, it kind of goes without saying that you usually can’t be together during the day… But just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s easy all the time.

Let him know that you miss him via text message every now and then, even if you haven’t been apart for a long time!

8 . Candy:

At the very least, he’ll be excited about the pie!

I’m kidding, of course, he’s going to love knowing there’s a sweet dessert you made with him in mind waiting for him at home!

9 . Romantic:

This is actually a Judy Garland quote, but texting him is a very romantic gesture, don’t you think?

Even if he’s not usually a romantic guy, he’s sure to know that he likes it!

* And here’s an extra tip you can try: Call him.

People can just send too many messages these days.

Instead, call him, be short and sweet.

If you know he’s busy, tell him “hey I know you’re busy, I just wanted to call you and say I love you.

That’s all ;)” and end the conversation.

It’s just a reminder, to let him know.

It can often be better than a text because he can hear the sincerity in your voice.