4 Essential Truths About Being Single At 40

Here’s one thing – people in their 40s are still very young.

It may be true that most people in their 40s make more money, are more established in their careers, have had long-term relationships, and have learned a thing or two about life and love that allows them to approach their relationships with maturity and vision. .

But not everyone in their 40s has it all together.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if most singles in their 40s have more than a few things they’re still figuring out.

And that’s okay.

In fact, it’s more than ok, it’s great.

Forty is still young and many people in their 40s still don’t know what they want out of life and love.

Of course, they have experience in relationships, but that doesn’t always mean they know what will make them happy or how to deal with how they feel about someone.

If you find yourself single during this amazing decade of your life, there’s a lot to be excited about and a lot to learn.

Here’s the honest truth about what it’s really like to be single at 40:

1 . This Forces You To Take Responsibility For Your Happiness.

Many people put their happiness in the hands of their partners and believe that a loving relationship is the key to their eternal happiness.

The truth is, we are responsible for our own happiness.

If you’re not happy on your own, a relationship may mask that for a while, but it won’t change that.

Being single at 40 helps you realize that.

And if you’re not already practicing, it’s a great time to start creating your own happiness – whatever that means for you.

2 . Some Singles In Their 40s Still Act Like They’re In Their 20s.

Maybe they’re just out of a nasty divorce and just want something casual, maybe they’ve never learned how to approach relationships maturely, maybe they’re trying to relive their 20s, or maybe they’re not looking to settle down – There are many reasons why people might come back. to the dating patterns, they followed in their 20s.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that you shouldn’t expect everyone to be on the same page as you, just because you’re the same age.

3 . If You Are Single Again After A Serious Long-Term Relationship, It Will Be A Total Change In Your Life.

Most people in their 40s have had at least one serious relationship before, and those who are getting back into the dating game after being with someone else for a long time may have gotten used to sharing their life with someone.

Being single after being with someone for so long is going to be totally different from what they’ve come to know.

But change can be incredibly positive and rewarding.

4 . It Might Be The Best Thing Ever…

Being single at 40 can actually be a life-changing experience (in a good way) if you let it.

The secret is to relax, focus on the fun and embrace this new phase of life.

Remember: life isn’t what happens to you, it’s how you choose to react to what happens to you.