Signs He Wants To Be More Than A Friend

When you’re attracted to a guy and you’re not sure what he’s feeling, it makes it very difficult.

It’s hard to know if you should be more than friends with this guy or not.

Here are some telltale indicators that the guy you have your eye on wants to be more than just a friend.

Take a look around and see if you think this man is totally in love with you.

Signs He Wants To Be More Than A Friend

Here are several indicators that a man wants to be much more than a friend to you.

It doesn’t mean he’s right.

It just means that the door of opportunity is open.

He’s always giving you priority attention

If a man isn’t totally interested in a girl, he won’t pay attention to her.

If you’re getting quality attention from a man, he’s totally interested in you.

He will listen intently to what you have to say and won’t interrupt you.

Even if you are saying something totally silly and unimportant, it will show that all eyes are on you.

Continually looking for the opportunity to face

If a guy is interested in you, he will look for the perfect place to admire you.

You can catch his eye and that’s exactly what he wants.

Maybe you’re in the same class or gym and he spends most of his time showing you that he’s watching you.

This is a solid sign, he wants to get to know you on a much higher level than just friends.

The nerves are in the face

If a man has a serious crush on you, he will get nervous at some point.

It may be obvious or indifferent, but it will be there.

Sure, he might be totally normal around his friends, but when you show up, he might very well break out in a sweat and change his normal behaviors very obviously.

He’s ready to praise everything that comes out of his mouth.

No matter what you say, if a man likes you, he will make you feel like everything you say is golden.

What does this mean?

He is simply trying to tell you that you are his perfect match.

Even when you make a small comment, it makes you feel like you deserve a compliment.

All he is trying to achieve is to show you that you are a perfect match for him and that he is willing to prove it to you.

He’s happy to call you just to say hello

Can it be better than that?

Often, a man will call you for a specific reason.

However, when he calls you for no “real” reason, it means everything.

He’s directly telling you that he just wants to connect and talk to you, and that’s magical.

This guy is happy to laugh at all your jokes

Now there’s a difference between a man laughing at your jokes and laughing at everything to try to make you smile.

The second is false and definitely exaggerated.

When a man laughs at your bad jokes, he just wants you to feel comfortable and open up to him; make him comfortable when he’s around.

That means he will support you when life gets tough and that is priceless.

He doesn’t care if he’s the one laughing because he wants to show you that he’s there for you.

Jealousy is always present

If a man wants to be more than just your friend, he’s certainly not going to do well if you’re seeing other guys.

Heck, he probably doesn’t even do well to see men checking you out and that’s not a bad thing.

Guys are territorial and want to know they have the undivided attention of the girl they are interested in and don’t like to compete or share.

A man who wants to be more than friends with you can’t imagine you with anyone but him, and that’s what makes him jealous.

The gentleman who wants you will instinctively want to prove to you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is better than any other man you know.

He won’t like you being around guys, because in the primal world that means they’re a threat.

Try to understand this kind of jealousy.

The man shows you that he knows what you want, like, and loathe

This is the guy who knows your favorite dress, color, and what kind of movie you like to watch.

In fact, he’ll probably make time and be a private investigator for a while to find out all your likes and dislikes so he can get along.

If he’s doing this, he’s totally in love with you!

He’ll buy you little gifts that he can’t resist because he knows they’ll put a smile on your face and they’ll suit you perfectly.

He just wants you to feel special and is willing to show you how special he knows you are.

Body contact is the number one priority

What that means is that he’s always looking for opportunities to hold your hand, give you a hug, or make any kind of body contact he can in the most casual and safe way possible.

If he’s making a point of touching you, he’s trying to tell you that he’d be happy if you were more than just his friend.

He is professional at imitation

When a guy likes a girl more than causally, he will try to change his behaviors to suit you, the damsel in distress!

Maybe he suddenly starts listening to the music you listen to or commented that he’s now addicted to a television series you’re addicted to.

This guy is just trying to show that he’s open and versatile and cares about what you want and like.

That says wonders, don’t you think?

This man plays and teases you

When a guy teases you romantically or in a nice, friendly way, he’s showing you that all eyes are on you and he just wants to get to know you better.

He tends to make silly jokes to make you laugh.

He will do his best to make you feel attractive and safe so he can come in and start making a connection.

The thing is… If a guy is teasing you in a fun way, he wants to be more than just your friend.

This man is the first to notice physical changes

When a guy likes a girl, he’s on the alert to comment on any new subtle changes he sees in you.

If you cut your hair, he’ll notice.

If you have waxed eyebrows, he will also notice.

It doesn’t matter how subtle the change is because a guy who is interested in you will notice and let you know about it.

More proximity on social networks

When a guy likes a girl, he does his best to invade her social media scene and make his presence known.

He might just post to say hi or comment on a selfie you’ve taken.

It doesn’t really matter what it is.

The important thing is that you realize that he is watching everything you do on social media.

Eye contact

When a man makes eye contact with you when you’re talking, he’s showing you that he’s totally focused on you.

Looking into your eyes shows that he admires you, and if he hangs up his phone to give you the undivided attention you want, need, and deserve, that’s proof that he wants to connect with you.

When you give him something, he is super happy

When a guy likes you more than just a friend, he goes out of his way to show that he appreciates anything and everything you do for him.

It doesn’t really matter how big the gesture, the favor, or the gift because he values ​​each one.

He will remind you of the cute gifts you gave him and tell you that they are absolutely perfect.

Men who show that they appreciate the little things deserve attention.

His general tone changes when he talks to you

Men who really like a girl will use a special tone when they talk to her.

It’s not the tone they use when talking to family or friends, so pay close attention.

Does his voice get softer when he talks to you?

Sure, he’s trying to appear calm, but often trying a little too hard.

All he’s trying to do is show as best he can that you’re special to him.

There are no limits when it comes to buying you things

Men are programmed as providers and naturally want to give the girl they have their eye on as much attention as they can.

Gifts are a way for a man to show that he really likes you.

It doesn’t matter the part of the money or the size of the gift, because it’s the gesture that matters.

Maybe he surprises you with something or secretly hides a gift for you to find.

This guy knows what you like and will buy exactly what you like because he is paying attention to the details.

All he wants to do is make you smile from the inside out.

Good manners are always impeccable around you

When a guy likes a girl, he doesn’t forget to have impeccable manners.

If you drop something, he’ll pick it up for you.

He’ll be the first to open the door and maybe even pull out your chair at dinner.

This man wants you to feel comfortable with him and is trying to show that he is worth your time and attention.

Better give it a try, don’t you think?

He’s continually scrolling through your profile

If a guy really likes you, he probably has a picture or two of you that he looks at over and over again.

He’s probably thinking about how beautiful you are.

Guys buy and connect with their eyes first.

This Man Is Totally Interested In What Others Say About You

When a guy wants to be more than just your friend, he shows an innate interest in what people around him are saying about you.

All this is done in a positive light, he wants to hear the good things.

Undoubtedly, when observing from the outside, this also puts you in the search position to find out if anyone else has their radar pointed at you.

He will always check in with his family and friends and see what they think of you, so be careful.

If he really wants to be more than friends with you, he’s going to want to know the good and the bad.

Things that make you smile and things that annoy you.

Only then does he know what to avoid.

It is also imperative that you recognize the hot signs that a man is using you because love is blind.

Sometimes when you want a man to like you so badly, it makes you ignore the danger signs when someone uses you.

Final Words

The more information, the better when it comes to finding out if the man you are friends with is interested in being more than just your friend.

Keep your mind open and look for the good, but also be aware of the signs that this man is not who you deserve.