What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Misses You?

When a man says he misses you, it can make your heart flutter. It’s a delight to hear, but only if he’s saying it for the right reasons.

Sometimes the loneliness factor kicks in and a man may tell you he’s thinking about you just because he wants some company.

When he says he misses you, he could be trying to get his pants down, or he could be being sincere.

“I can’t stop thinking about you .” Of course, we’ve all heard this at one time or another. Too bad you have to keep your guard up because a lot of men say they miss you and don’t really mean it.

What Does It Mean When A Man Says He Misses You?

First, here are some tried, tested, and true reasons why he might be telling you he misses you and really means it!

Sign 1: He doesn’t exaggerate

Exaggerating is constantly talking about missing you.

OK, now I’m the one who’s exaggerating.

The truth is, he won’t say more than once.

Telling someone you miss them is a unique gesture that involves emotions.

He will say he misses you in the heat of feelings.

If it’s real, he won’t be repeating it all the time.

Follow your intuition.

Sign 2: Non-stop contact

He may not have anything new or interesting to talk about, but he still sends a “Hey, how are you?”.

When a guy keeps contacting you and just won’t stop, even when there’s no reason to, it’s a sign that he really misses you.

If he’s really homesick, he’s going to want to maintain the connection.

He’s probably going to ask unimportant questions like “It’s hot right?”…he’s just trying to maintain your connection.

Sign 3: Face time you

When a man misses a woman, he can try FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp video calling.

It’s easy for him to send you a voice message or text, but when he steps forward and virtually comes face-to-face with you, you can be sure he really misses you.

He misses seeing your face, your smile, and your laugh.

Sign 4: Stalks you on social media

He’s one of those three followers of yours who likes every holy picture you post and sees all your Instagram stories, WhatsApp, and Snapchat statuses.

When a guy is liking your photos and maybe even commenting on what you post on social media, he sure misses you.

Even if you don’t like all of his stuff, he’s there somehow making a gesture to show that he misses you.

Plus, there’s no doubt that when you miss someone, you’re curious about what they’re doing, and social media is the way to find that out.

Sign 5: He wants to see you and he works hard for it

It’s one thing to talk about seeing you and it’s another thing to make a clear effort to see you, ask you out, and come up with a fun plan for the two of you to do.

When a guy misses a girl, of course, he’ll talk about wanting to see her.

Make sure you don’t jump to conclusions, because some men say one thing and do another.

Just be careful with it, please.

When a man makes an effort to see you, he’s probably being completely sincere when he says he misses you.

Sign 6: This Guy Really Makes Plans To See You

It’s sweet enough that he says he misses you, but when he actually makes plans to surprise you with something just to see you, it’s magical.

That’s solid proof that he’s been missing you.

This is one of the most concrete signs that he is missing you.

Showing a detailed plan to see you should be taken seriously.

Sign 7: Suddenly, he’s Mr. Home body!

Here’s a sign of homesickness that a lot of people don’t notice.

Usually, when you’re sad, you don’t want to go out and socialize with anyone.

You probably just want to stay home and eat ice cream and watch movies, something along those lines.

If you notice that he hasn’t been out in a while and doesn’t hang out with his friends as often, there’s a good chance he really misses you and misses you quite a bit.

Sign 8: Mr. Jealous

He shows signs of jealousy.

Let’s say you went out on a weekend and took some pictures with some gorgeous guys and posted them on Facebook and Instagram.

Innocent, of course, but that’s not what he’s thinking.

He’s going to like your photo, but his brain is telling you that you look too excited, and he’s annoyed that you’re not with these guys and not him.

He just doesn’t want you to flirt with other guys.

This says he clearly misses you and wants you and only you.

Sign 9: This guy asks you for pictures

I’m not talking about the nudes type.

When a guy wants to see you naturally, whether you’re in your pajamas or curled up in a blanket on the couch, it’s a solid sign that he misses you.

This is his way of remembering how much he misses the mornings when he woke up with you in his arms.

Think about it for a minute or two and don’t forget to go with your gut.

Sign 10: Anger suddenly spirals out of control

You’ve noticed that he has outbursts of anger all of a sudden.

This one is a little difficult to identify.

However, when you are dating a guy, and he suddenly gets mad without any reasonable explanation, it is a sign that he is confused about his feelings and really misses you.

Anger is often a sign that he is missing you.

It’s really weird, but he’s angry because he misses you.

Sign 12: He chooses to pull memories

This is another sign that he is definitely missing you.

In Instagram stories or WhatsApp statuses, he is posting all sorts of things for you to see that remind you of the good times you spent together.

Maybe he’s posting special signs, signs that only you understand.

It could also be pretty obvious things, like pictures of a place you’ve been, songs you both loved listening to, or even that Llama keychain you gave him after a trip to Chile with his family, which is right next to the computer. his.

If he’s choosing the path of memories, he’s sure to miss you for real.

Sign 13: He goes crazy with excitement when he sees you

If a man is in a romantic relationship, it is completely natural for him to be overjoyed when he sees the girl he is madly in love with.

This is the common reaction of anyone who misses. There is no hidden emotion.

So when he gets excited to see you, it’s important that you take it calmly and consider the fact that he misses you.

Remember when you ran into a high school friend you hadn’t seen in years? You are ecstatic.

Now, imagine who you had an intimate relationship with, the feelings will be much, much greater.

He misses you and when he sees you, a movie will play in his head.

If he’s smiling from ear to ear and can’t stop looking at you, he misses you.

Sign 14: Looks like you’re in an interrogation

He won’t pull a notebook out of his pocket and shine a light right in your face, but he will ask a lot of questions about your personal life and try to ask in a casual way.

The guy who really misses you will be super preoccupied with what he’s doing, whether he’s direct with a concern or indifferent.

Are you dating someone? If this man didn’t care, he wouldn’t ask.

He just wants to know what you’re doing, and this is an opportunity for him to come back into your life.