Let Me Tell You Why You’re Single

2019 is gone and women still haven’t gotten real.

I swear some women shouldn’t listen to their own thoughts because the same stupidity keeps coming out of their mouths.

I’m talking about those women who keep complaining that they’re single, another end of the year because it keeps happening, over and over again.

It’s not funny to joke about how single you are. It’s not funny when you put in #foreveralone and it’s very annoying how these people who complain about being single act like victims.

Do you want to know why you are single?

You are the reason you are single.

Stop needing a relationship.

Be independent, be self-confident.

You need to get a boyfriend is the number one driving force behind why everyone avoids you like the bubonic plague.

Maybe if you go out with the intention of having fun with your friends, instead of looking for a life partner in your 20s, you’ll have a little more success.

Stop blaming your past relationships as the reason you’re single.

Just because your ex-boyfriend cheated on you or broke your heart doesn’t mean everyone else on the planet will do the same.

Your fear is immature and in no way justified.

There are billions of people on this planet: the chances of someone doing the same wrong to you are high, but the chances of meeting someone who is not like your ex are much higher.

Stop visiting your ex-boyfriend’s profile.

When in a relationship, stop not trusting.

Stop assuming the worst.

Stop asking intimidating questions in hopes of catching your boyfriend in a lie.

You need to relax and realize that no one wants to feel like they are being interrogated.

Remember when your parents didn’t trust anything you did or said?

Remember how much you hated it, and wanted to run away from home and go out?

The same sentiment applies in adult relationships, and until you lighten up the mess, you will remain single.

A jealous person is the least attractive person.

Let me tell you something: there will always be someone prettier than you, stronger than you, better dressed than you, smarter than you, funnier than you, more humorous than you, more cheerful than you, and you better get used to it, but at the same time… never let anyone know about it.

Who cares if someone else has something better than you?

As long as you act like the best, no one will notice the difference.

Showing your jealousy, or being jealous, will only push people away after a certain period of time.

Step out of immaturity and you’re 500 steps closer to finding someone who can handle you.

And finally, stop setting such high expectations.

I promise you that you will never meet Caio Castro in real life, that he will buy you a house for you to paint for the two of you to live in.

This is illusory.

Stop being so demanding, and stop finding fault with everyone.

Stop running from the “nice guy” because you like bad guys and then cry when none of the bad guys want to commit.

Stop being so specific about a man’s behavior and listen to what he has to say instead of paying attention to what he can offer you financially.

Let yourself talk to people and feel a connection, a mental connection.

Follow these few rules (I know this will hurt you) and stop complaining about being single when you have two years of college and your whole life ahead of you and let things go.