How to Tell When a Guy Is Jealous: 26 Signs He Just Can’t Hide

Not that I’m a Jonas fan, but that Nick Jonas song about jealousy always makes me smile.

When he talks about “pumping the chest”, I understand. We’ve all seen a guy get all bloated.

This is just one way to tell when a guy is jealous. It’s just that there are signs and clues that you might be missing out and that your man feels insecure about his feelings for you.

Jealousy is that little green-eyed monster that makes us do things we don’t normally do.

However, this does not always occur in a predictable way, especially among men.

Men are often not completely in touch with their own feelings.

Not really knowing how they feel, their behavior seems strange.

Sending mixed signals.

Like a guy who punches you in the arm to show he likes you, sometimes jealousy doesn’t feel very jealous.

These are some behaviors that make you question his love for you, but say “I love you”.


Well, men are very confusing creatures… and here are the signs to clear it all up.

How to Tell When a Guy Is Jealous – 26 Signs That Scream “I’m Jealous”

1 – He Doesn’t Talk To You Or Ignore You.

If he’s jealous, you might think he’ll try to talk to you in a cute way, but that’s not always the case.

A man feeling threatened or insecure may try to manipulate you, doing everything he can to get or get your attention, refusing to talk to you.

Don’t talk, don’t answer, walk away.

If he’s not talking to you and you haven’t done anything, it could just be his insecurity.

2 – He’s Overly Sweet And Charming.

If your elusive, unaffectionate boyfriend is suddenly unable to take his hands off you and talk to you, then he may be terrified of losing you.

Either he’s seeing something you don’t, or he’s realized he can’t take you for granted.

Activating the charm tactic makes you fall in love with him all over again.

3 – Suddenly He Stops Texting.

Another way to let him know that he’s not exactly happy with you is to simply hang up and stop texting.

If your main form of communication is by cell phone and he doesn’t show his face, he may be trying to send a very subtle message.

He doesn’t like you or is afraid of your attraction to someone other than him.

4 – He Acts All Tough When He’s Actually Not A Tough Guy.

This whole chest-puffing thing, like a rooster ready for a cockfight, he’s been looking at guys like “do you want to fight me?” but he doesn’t even have the kind of guts to punch someone unless he doesn’t want the punch to be returned.

If your quiet man suddenly behaves like an MMA fighter, it’s definitely safe to assume he feels threatened.

5 – He’s Trying to Appear and Show off.

For Psychiatrist Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, another sign that a man is jealous is that he shows off too often and wants to prove that he is the best in town.

“He goes to great lengths to prove to himself that he’s smart. This is because he feels threatened and insecure. He feels that if he can’t impress you, you can leave him and walk away,” she says.

If he throws money around the bar, offers everyone a drink, or insists on paying the bill, he feels threatened by another guy.

Guys think money or “bonds” give them power.

A list of accomplishments, a demonstration of what he knows, or pretending to have an endless bank account are all ways that he is jealous.

6 – He Flirts With Someone Else Who Is Not His Style.

It may seem like he’s interested in someone else when he’s actually trying to make you as jealous as he is.

If he flirts with another girl or acts charming, then don’t be afraid that he might be forgetting about you and move on.

He might just be trying to show you what you would miss if you didn’t choose him.

7 – He’s Frying Your Cell Phone With Calls And Messages.

If he acts jealous and tries to get your attention all the time and that’s not his style, then he’s afraid that if he doesn’t act like that, someone else will.

Without giving you a moment’s peace, he tries to stay in your mind all the time.

According to Erica Cramer, Dating and Relationship Specialist | Clinical Social Work/Therapist at Cobb Psychotherapy, a sign of jealousy is when he constantly wants to know where you are and who you are with.

“He used to text her a few times a day, but that amounted to several messages an hour. He gets anxious when you don’t respond right away and sends him one message after another.

You feel that he is more needy than usual and you don’t know exactly why. He might even do something as daring as showing up at your place of work for no particular reason,” says Erica.

8 – He Makes Up Excuses To Go To Your House.

Constantly forgetting something or needing to get stuff, if your house has suddenly become a magnet for him and he keeps popping up out of the blue day and night, then he might be worried that you’re cheating.

He keeps an eye on his home and whereabouts to ensure he is not replaced by someone else.

9 – He Starts Spying On You, Your Phone, And Your Social Media.

We’ve all been guilty of a bit of stalking on social media at some point or another.

These platforms can be a breeding ground for paranoia. According to PsychAlive :

“Several psychologists have recently reported that over the past 10 years, there has been an unprecedented increase in trust issues among couples seeking counseling.

According to Joe Bavonese of the Relationship Institute in Royal Oak, Michigan, part of this increase is due to recent technological advances that make it easier for partners to be deceptive, for example, to hide text messages, cell phone call lists, messages from friends on Facebook, Instagram and emails”.

We recognize that technology can be a place to hide things. We can also detect things online that make us jealous or give us cause for concern.

If he is watching you like a hawk on social media or even worse, has hacked or asks to check your cell phone then it is a definite sign of his jealousy and distrust.

10 – He Left You Talking To Yourself.

If he left you there talking to yourself, rethink how you treated him…or consider whether you treated another man with some inappropriate affection.

Sometimes a guy gets upset and just leaves without saying a word to let you know how you made him feel.

11 – He Gets Cold And Aloof And Refuses To Get Involved.

If he starts pouting like a two-year-old when you’re out having dinner and you can’t get him to change his mood, he may just be trying to ruin the night because he’s afraid of something or someone that might be more fun than you. that he.

Don’t encourage him, don’t continue to give in to his immature behavior.

If you’re not flirting or doing something wrong, let him sit back and sulk!

Eventually, he will get over it.

If you leave, you will leave forever.

12 – He Wants To Leave Right Now!

The music may be bad and the place is not good, but if you guys still manage to have fun and he suddenly insists it’s time to leave when you start talking to other people, especially other men.

It screams, “I’m insecure and I want to get you out of here before you find something better.”

13 – He Wants To End The Relationship For No Reason.

Sometimes a guy feels like he doesn’t deserve you and makes you feel continually tense.

Those feelings of never being good enough keep making him pull away from you.

A self-fulfilling prophecy, he breaks up with you before he gets hurt.

14 – ‘A Night With Friends’ Becomes ‘Every Night Is  With Friends ‘.

Never wanting to be WITHOUT you suddenly become never wanting to be WITH you.

It’s not that he’s not interested in you, he’s afraid you won’t like him.

Another tactic to keep him from getting hurt is to get the guys in front of you.

Looks like he doesn’t like you anymore.

It could be just the opposite.

15 – When You Ask Him What Is Wrong, He Says “Nothing”.

If he acts weird but doesn’t say what’s wrong, it’s probably because he won’t admit he’s jealous or insecure about losing you.

If he still doesn’t say anything, let it go and let him find out.

It’s not your duty to rip his feelings out of him.

16 – When You Mention A Particular Guy, His Face Changes And Turns White.

Another sign of jealousy pointed out by Dr. Nereid, he is not happy when you speak or value other men in front of him.

You can tell there’s one guy in particular who, when mentioned, seems to throw his boyfriend off to a distant Planet or he just hangs up.

He’s probably jealous of whoever you mentioned.

17 – He Apparently Doesn’t Care About You, But When You Say You Made Other Plans, It Hurts Him.

He wants to prove that he shouldn’t be jealous because you choose him.

When you decide to do something different without him, his dark mood indicates that he’s probably jealous.

18 – He Becomes Hell For Your Girlfriends.

Concerned about what you’ve been up to, or even who you’ve been hanging around with, he relentlessly questions your friends as to what you’ve been up to.

19 – He Follows You Around.

If you catch him showing up at places he hasn’t been invited to or driving past places where you usually go and he doesn’t live nearby, then chances are good he’s jealous and keeping tabs on you.

20 – He Gets Too Close.

If he acts more like your bodyguard than your boyfriend, he’s insecure and wants to make sure he’s the only guy to approach you.

21 – He Involves Friends and Family In The Situation.

When threatened with losing you, he will involve his friends and family to interrogate them or put them on his side.

This is secret jealousy and a way to control her through who you socialize and talk to.

22 – He Begins To Question Your Every Step.

When “how was your day?” turns into “where were you today?” and “who were you with?” this is a sign that he is suspicious of what you are doing.

In other words, he’s jealous.

You tell him you went out for a salad by yourself for lunch or didn’t talk to your new coworker. Instead of accepting these answers and moving on, he doesn’t believe you and asks even more questions. He wonders if you’re telling the truth and is paranoid that you’re hiding something from him.

You get frustrated, and nothing you say seems to please him. “This paranoid behavior is a definite sign that someone is jealous and believes that something they would not like is happening behind their back,” says Erica.

23 – He Puts A GPS In His Bag Or Equips His Car Or Cell Phone To Know Where You Are.

Yes, there are apps he can install on your phone to find out where you are.

If your cell phone is having problems and it seems to know more than it should about your whereabouts, you may want to check the system.

24 – He Overdoes Things

When someone is hiding an emotion, it manifests in different ways. He might get mad at you for something small like not answering your cell phone, walking the dog, or taking out the trash.

If this is something that doesn’t normally bother you, chances are this isn’t the real reason.

When someone is bottling up a feeling, it is inevitable that it will eventually explode. If you notice that he’s getting mad at you for reasons he normally doesn’t, start exploring if there might be an alternative explanation for his behavior (such as jealousy).

25 – He Tries To Put You Down, So You’ll Stick Around.

Calling you horrible names is something you’ve never gone through before, but all of a sudden he tries to bring down your self-esteem.

That means he’s probably jealous and wants to make sure you think no one wants you but him.

26 – He Pushes You Away To Sabotage The Relationship.

A systematic crush, he ignores you, hangs up, hangs out with friends, and stops answering your calls.

Of course, the first thing you think is that he doesn’t like you.

He may actually be more interested in you than you think and very afraid that you won’t like him.


Of course, there will be times when both of you will be jealous; It’s human, but getting him out of his jealous mode can be as simple as saying “I love you, baby.”

If he shows any of the above signs, you now know he is very jealous.