Does he miss me? 10 Clear Signs He Still Thinks About You Too Much

A question that pops into your head every day: “Does my ex-boyfriend still think about me?”

If you are looking for a clearer and more objective answer to this question and to know if he still misses you, then learn these 10 signs.

How many men do you know who are often stubborn and hide their feelings and attraction to the woman they love without even giving her a chance?

The signs are everywhere.

You just have to learn to read these signs.

He’ll want to keep his pride intact and not chase it, but there are other behaviors he exhibits that are worth far more than seeing him on his knees begging to get you back.

Does he still miss me?

10 Ways A Man Shows He Misses You Without Saying A Word.

If you want to know if he misses you, look at what he does, where he went after you broke up, and if he moved on with his life or stayed stuck.

If he’s in the same position, doing the same things or even making grotesque mistakes, doing stupid things he doesn’t usually do, then you can be sure he’s screaming inside “I miss her so much and I want her back”.

1. He Hasn’t Found Another Woman.

You guys broke up it’s been six months now, and even though I’ve heard that he’s been seeing some girls, he still hasn’t found a special person to share his life with.

The man seeks to fill the empty space, but if he hasn’t found anyone who makes his heart beat faster, then that means you’re taking up a lot of space in his mind.

2. He appears out of nowhere in unexpected places.

If you’ve noticed he’s popped up in places you never would have guessed, like your job or the gym, there’s good reason to believe he’s hoping to check on you just to verify that you’re still available.

It’s his way of keeping his distance and not giving in, but don’t underestimate this behavior.

You’ve probably never seen him there except when he was supposed to meet you, now it’s no different.

3. He Didn’t Change His Relationship Status On Facebook.

When a guy is ready to move on, he makes a point of showing it to everyone.

If changing his relationship status was the first thing he did, it might have been a rash decision, but he probably won’t.

On the other hand, if it’s been months and his profile is still the same as it was when you were dating, then this could be a sign that he’s waiting for you to come back.

4. He Keeps Asking His Girl friends For Information About You.

If he still talks to his friends and can’t help but ask questions about you, that’s probably not just a good friend’s curiosity.

Asking who you’re dating if you’re okay, or anything else about you means he’s probably trying to gauge the chances of getting back into your life.

If he doesn’t miss you, why would he ask so many questions about you?

5. He Still Hasn’t Returned Your Stuff.

When the relationship ends, you show that you ended up returning his stuff and vice versa.

If you’ve asked him to return your stuff several times and he refuses to return it, he’s trying to hold on to a piece of you.

If he doesn’t miss you or hope to one day get back with you, he’d just return everything and that’s it.

6. He Still Has Pictures Of You All Over His Place.

If he still has a picture of you in the living room, beside his bed, or even on social media, then he definitely misses you.

Pictures of you everywhere would be irritating to him if he didn’t like you anymore and if he was ready to move on.

Photos of you will also scare the other women he will meet… so why leave them in the living room or on Instagram?

The inability to eliminate those items that remind him of you ends up giving him that he still misses you.

7. His friends often reveal that he is not doing very well.

The job of a man’s best friend is to help him get over a broken relationship.

If you hear from his friends how much he is suffering and sad because of the breakup, how much he is no longer the same person, that’s a sign that you should come out and help.

If he didn’t miss you, his friends would say “hi” at most, always with short and vague answers about your ex-boyfriend’s life.

If they’re trying to talk to you on a more personal level about him, then there’s reason to believe they know he still misses you.

8. His Life Went Down.

Men think they are so tough that they can let the person they love go without feeling anything.

The problem is, that they don’t understand how much they need the woman they love until they lose her.

After all, we only appreciate when we lose.

If he’s depressed, he’s probably totally messed up.

He looks like a drifter who hasn’t changed his clothes in a month, the apartment is a mess and he’s been missing work.

These are all signs that he misses the times you spent together.

He would probably want you to come back and rescue him from the mess that has turned his life around.

9. He Apologizes.

One of the biggest indicators that the guy misses you is coming back to apologize for the way he treated you.

For a man, that takes a lot of courage. This requires giving up a lot of pride.

Not every man admits he is wrong.

It takes even more courage for him to admit this to the very person he has hurt.

If he’s written you a letter, texted you, or even dropped by your house to apologize and say he’s sorry, then he’s been thinking a lot about everything he did wrong to you.

Maybe he doesn’t directly say he misses you and wants to get back together, but those two words “I’m sorry” are sometimes more powerful than begging on your knees.

10. He Didn’t Delete You From Social Media.

When you’ve actually broken up with someone, you’ll end up unfriending them and unfollowing them.

That means throwing him out of your life.

If you’re still friends, if he’s still following your social media accounts, he’s still interested in what’s going on in your life.

This typically means he misses you.

You shared a multitude of things together.

The reality is, if you’ve done a lot of things together, he’s naturally going to miss you.

Depending on how you ended up, part of him will miss the good times you shared.

Over time, people forget about the bad times and the good times remain.

Time and distance make us see things differently.

The past gives us a perspective that we didn’t have in the heat of fights and arguments.

If you loved each other once, there will always be that part of him that will never forget what you two were like together.

Whether that’s enough to make him come back or not is impossible to say.

It can only be said that he probably misses you the same amount you miss him.


If you want to know if he misses you, stop waiting and start noticing.

These signals can be much more powerful.