8 Signs He’s Playing With You

If he does these eight things, he’s not chasing you—he’s playing with you.

We’ve all dated this type of man.

You know the type—you like him so much, and you’re trying hard to make the relationship work, but it never feels like he’s 100% into yours.

And guess what?

If it looks like he’s not trying, chances are he really isn’t.

Let’s be honest: your instinct is strong enough to know when a guy is really into you, and when he’s not.

Women make up a million excuses to try to convince themselves that there’s a good reason for their lack of effort… or because you’re not seeing things clearly, when in fact, your intuition is telling you everything you need to. know.

It is important to know the difference between a guy who is chasing you and a guy who is playing with you.

The guy behind you is definitely into yours.

On the other hand, a player is only interested in keeping you around with as little effort as possible to keep you hopeful and thus massage his own ego.

This type of man is called “the boy who makes as little investment as possible” (the RMIP).

This is the kind of man who arrives with all his enthusiasm and determination, shows a lot of interest, and then disappears.

Admittedly, it doesn’t disappear completely.

He even shows up every now and then with some text message at random intervals so you don’t forget about him.

That’s the least possible investment he can give to keep you waiting.

You shouldn’t want to date a guy like that unless you’re also in the relationship just for fun.

So if you’re looking for a real relationship, go for it.

But how do you know you’re dating a man like that?

Here are eight proven signs…

1. He only texts you for a date in his comfort zone.

If his main form of communication with you is that “hi missing” message after 10 pm, you know what he wants.

When a guy texts you always after a certain time at night, he’s probably been out before, possibly with the girl he’s really into, who won’t go to his house with him, and is now looking for some easy relief and immediate.

So, before answering some cute emoji, ask yourself: do you really want to be the understudy or the one who “services” him?

2. You Haven’t Met Any Of His Friends.

Has it ever happened that you’re dating a guy, you’re somewhere in town when he accidentally runs into his friends and they have no idea who you are?

This means that not only does he not introduce you to them, but it also means he doesn’t even talk about you to his friends, which is what men tend to do when they really like someone.

Not only is this weird, but it’s humiliating.

Don’t be the woman who accepts that kind of thing.

Cut it and move on.

3. He never bought you dinner.

If you’re looking for a real relationship, your future partner should at least be willing to take you out and have a real date, where he offers to foot the bill.

If the closest you’ve come to a meal is a pizza you’ve split the bill, that’s a sure sign that he’s not investing a lot to have a relationship with you.

4. It’s Always You Who Suggests Staying Together With Him.

This signal is more like a big red flag.

When you leave, whose idea is it?

A guy who is genuinely interested in you will suggest a date and will actively try to arrange a time.

So in the early stages, when you’re getting to know him, it’s important to step back and let him do the work.

If you’ve taken the reins and started every conversation and encounter so far, that’s a clear indicator that you’re chasing him, not the other way around.

So stop doing that and give him a chance to start the date.

If he goes off the radar, then he’s definitely the kind of man to stay away from.

5. He’s Relaxed When He’s With You.

When he comes to see you, has he shaved or trimmed his beard?

Does his outfit show that he thought well choosing?

Did he put on perfume to get fragrant next to you?

Of course, most men are naturally laid back, but a guy who likes you will at least put an effort into his appearance for you.

Forget when he looks great in that gym outfit after his workout.

If you’ve put on lipstick and done your hair for him, and when you meet him you notice that he didn’t even shower to see you, then he’s really not investing to win you over.

6. You Feel Relationship Nervousness.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

If you think something is wrong—whether because of one of the above reasons or because of something else—don’t ignore your intuition.

One of a man’s roles in a relationship is to make you feel safe and comfortable.

If he’s not doing that, he’s already shown you that he’s the type of guy who makes as little investment as possible, which means you’ll never be on his priority list.

7. You Feel That You Don’t Matter Much To Him.

When you’re together, he only talks about himself.

He continues to talk about his busy day at work but never asks how his day was.

When you talk, he gets distracted.

He doesn’t even remember your cat’s name or the fact that you’re lactose tolerant.

This is the boy who is with you to receive, not to give.

8. You Feel Bad About Yourself.

The worst thing about dating a guy who puts in as little effort as possible is that, after a while, your self-esteem starts to deteriorate.

If you feel bad about yourself, like he’s not worth the effort, you may be in a toxic relationship.

Never forget this simple fact: you are special and men need to work hard to win you over, so don’t give in easily to just any man.

The right guy will make you feel beautiful, smart, fun, and irresistible.

He will run after you, not play with you.

If you’re with a man who makes as little effort as possible to be on your side, it’s time to be ruthless and cut him off, because he’s keeping you from meeting a whole new world of interesting men who have the potential to be the man. of your dreams.

So, see this guy for what he really is, and run away from him for good to make more room in your life for some more special man.