Does your boyfriend talk to his ex all the time?

Is it acceptable to have a boyfriend who is still in touch with his ex-girlfriend?

What should you do if your boyfriend talks to his ex too often? Find out in this article.

It’s very common to see ex-girlfriends finding a way to intrude on their ex-boyfriend’s new relationship and ruin everything.

It’s hard to know if it’s intentional or not.

If you are in a new relationship with a guy, there is a chance he has an ex-girlfriend who is now friends.

Well, except when she broke up with him first and found someone better.

If you’re dating a guy who’s still in touch with his ex-girlfriend, it’s time to pay more attention.

And if you’re dating a guy who has long conversations with his ex-girlfriend almost every day, you’d better back off.

Does Your Boyfriend Talk To His Ex-Girlfriend?

Are you mad at your boyfriend because he keeps in touch with his ex-girlfriend?

Don’t let him think you’re being incomprehensible.

You have every right to be annoyed if your man is spending hours on the phone with his ex-girlfriend.

Unless your boyfriend has a good reason to convince you, there’s no point in making a conversation with your ex-girlfriend.

They broke up because of incompatibility, so why stay friends?

Maybe your boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend are having second thoughts about breaking up.

Another hypothesis is that now that the guy is so serious with you, his ex-girlfriend has started to notice how special and wonderful he is.

No matter the reason, friendships with exes will never be good news for you.

Ex-girlfriends often remain, friends, only when they see secret benefits to maintaining that friendship.

What’s his excuse for continuing to talk to his ex-girlfriend?

There is no good and fair excuse for him to remain friends with his ex-girlfriend unless they have children together or work together at the same place.

But the possibility is high that a colorful friendship will happen from time to time.

Have you ever asked your boyfriend why he keeps talking to his ex-girlfriend?

Does he say he values ​​her as a friend or does he like her for her looks?

No, there are no excuses.

If he thinks she’s so amazing, why would he break up with her?

Truth be told, your boyfriend is in your arms right now, but he might still have a crush on his ex-girlfriend.

Wouldn’t you be sentimentally attached to your ex-boyfriend too if you talked on the phone almost every day?

Now that you’re dating someone else and you’re unreachable, your ex-boyfriend might start to like you even more, too.

Do you think he would cheat on you with his ex-girlfriend?

This is the biggest concern most girls have when their boyfriend keeps talking to their ex-girlfriend.

After all, they once shared a physical relationship.

All they need is any little spark to plunge into an affair.

If your boyfriend is too friendly with his ex-girlfriend, yes, he might have an affair with her.

Now that he’s unavailable and in your arms, his ex-girlfriend might find him even more attractive.

Has he ever said that he doesn’t want to have contact with his ex-girlfriend, but is she the one who keeps calling him all the time?

He is obviously lying to you.

Has he ever said that she needs him for emotional support?

He obviously has some physical things on his mind.

If your boyfriend wants to maintain his friendship with his ex, even though you say it bothers you, then it’s obvious that he wants more than just friendship with his ex and he wants to maintain both relationships.

Is there a situation where it’s okay to keep talking to an ex-girlfriend?

If your boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend had a relationship where the love and enthusiasm slowly waned until it ended, then that might be acceptable.

If your boyfriend doesn’t feel anything for his ex-girlfriend, it’s okay to see him seeing his ex-girlfriend.

Go out with his ex-girlfriend a few times and see if you like the person.

If you can’t feel anything weird in the air, it could be that they actually became good friends after all.

10 Warning Signs That There’s Something Going On.

Have you ever felt that something is wrong with the way your boyfriend behaves around his ex-girlfriend?

Here are 10 red flags to help you know if there’s something suspicious going on between your boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend.

1. He doesn’t like it when you read text messages his ex-girlfriend sends him.

Sometimes it even deletes messages right after reading them.

2. He leaves the room when he receives a call from her.

Does your boyfriend keep protecting his space when she calls him?

Does he expect you to give him space until he finishes the conversation?

3. He gets really weird when he’s around you and his ex-girlfriend shows up or calls him.

If they’re just friends, they shouldn’t have any embarrassment, should they?

4. Have you ever heard that his ex-girlfriend talks bad about you…

…but your boyfriend doesn’t express his opinion to you, not even when you confront him.

Sometimes he may even take his ex-girlfriend’s side or protect her by saying that his ex-girlfriend’s feelings towards you are neutral.

5. His friends still talk about his ex-girlfriend as if she still likes him.

Like there’s something you don’t know about his ex-girlfriend.

6. He meets her every now and then…

…but he never invites you along.

Sometimes he might even “forget” to get back to you… or he might even pretend that he bumped into her on the street and they decided to have lunch together.

7. Your boyfriend gets angry when you say you don’t like him talking to his ex-girlfriend.

And he doesn’t even like to hear your questions about what kind of relationship he has with his ex-girlfriend or what topics he talks to her about.

He complains that you’re interrogating him when you ask simple questions about her.

8. His ex-girlfriend tries to take his attention away from you when you’re together.

She behaves as if she is still his girlfriend and acts too friendly towards him.

9. He has lied to you or hidden that he met her or talked to her.

Has your boyfriend ever lied about meeting his ex-girlfriend or have you ever caught him in the act of talking to her or spending time with her?

10. He said he doesn’t want to keep the friendship, but she needs him.

That’s the biggest lie you can hear.

If he didn’t like her, he could easily disappear from her life.

The fact that he behaves as she needs him makes it very obvious that he needs her too.

If your boyfriend can’t avoid his ex-girlfriend, he definitely has unresolved things with her, whatever it is.

What Should You Do About It?

Sometimes it’s okay to be friends with someone you once loved.

But is he really good friends with her?

This is no longer right.

Use these 10 warning signs above to see if your boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend are in a relationship that could threaten your future together.

And try some of these tactics:


1. If it really bothers you, be open and tell him.

If you’ve been patient and comfortable with your relationship, but you suspect you’re in a messy love triangle, tell your boyfriend that you’re not at all comfortable with the closeness he shares with his ex-girlfriend.

2. Be careful.

If you have doubts, it usually means something isn’t right.

Female intuition exaggerates sometimes, but not always.

It is common for your intuition to reveal the truth.

Do you think your boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend are doing something forbidden behind your back?

If you really feel it, they probably are.

3. Try to fit in.

The relationship with his current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is complex.

Sometimes there are genuine reasons for them to stay close.

Try to understand this relationship with an open mind and see if you can tolerate it until you are friends with her too.

4. Give him an ultimatum.

It’s you or his ex-girlfriend.

If nothing else has worked, ask him to make a choice between you and his ex-girlfriend.

If he really likes you, he will walk away from his ex-girlfriend for you.

If he thinks too much, he definitely still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

5. Make relationship decisions.

Now that all is said and done, you still have to make the final decision.

Your boyfriend talks to his ex-girlfriend and hangs out with her from time to time.

Can you trust a guy like that?

Don’t you think your boyfriend is being selfish and not worried about your feelings?

Even if he decides to leave his ex-girlfriend for good, do you still want to stay with a guy like that?

Form a concrete opinion and make a decision about your relationship with your boyfriend and the direction of that relationship.


A boyfriend who keeps talking and hanging out with his ex-girlfriend is usually not a good sign, but there can be some rare exceptions.

Whatever the case, you now know exactly what to do.