10 Things That Make Girls Look Desperate And Unwanted

When you’re looking for a new love in your life, you want to look interesting, but you don’t want to look desperate!

This can be a difficult balance to strike, especially when you actually find someone you really like a lot.

Don’t give the impression that you’re pushing the pace, or give the impression that you’re completely uninterested.

Find the middle ground and make sure you’re not doing these 10 things that can make you look desperate and unwanted.

1. Abandoning All Her Girlfriends And Being Too Available For Him.

Just because you’ve met the man of your dreams doesn’t mean you should immediately walk away from all your girlfriends.

If you can’t say yes to a date he’s asked you because you’ve already arranged to go out with your friends, then tell him.

He already expects you to be busy a few times a week, and if you’re not, he’ll be curious to know why you’re not.

2. Plan For The Future Too Early And Show That You’re Afraid Of Being Dumped By Him.

Keep the topics of conversation light on the first few dates.

Talking about marriage, kids, and a stable relationship will make you look afraid of being alone.

Don’t share your ideas for the perfect wedding just yet, wait until you get to know him better.

3. Spamming Him On Whatsapp.

Avoid texting excessively on any social network. You texted him 10 minutes ago, no need to text again now.

Not everyone is glued to their cell phone all the time and it can be busy.

Texting him asking why he didn’t reply to your other message is a sure sign of desperation, it will also piss him off.

4. Show up without prompting.

Showing up at his house or work unannounced is not only an act of desperation, it’s also weird.

In the early stages of a relationship, surprises like this aren’t romantic, these surprises exude desperation and can even get you accused of stalking!

5. Pretend You Like Everything He Does.

If you pretend you enjoy watching a football game on TV when you don’t, that lie will eventually be discovered.

It’s impossible for you to love everything he likes to do and if you lie about things like that, he’ll find out and think you’re capable of lying about other things too.

6. Shower him with gifts for no reason at all.

You can’t buy love, so don’t start giving one gift after another when you barely know him.

It’s okay to give him a gift on his birthday, but if you suddenly start buying gifts for no reason, it will seem awkward and give the impression that you’ll do anything to win his affections.

7. Introduce Him To The Family Too Soon.

Taking him to meet his mom and dad too soon will ring a bell in his head too.

It’s understandable that you’re extremely excited about this new guy in your life, but meeting the parents is something you should save for later stages in the relationship when you’re sure you’re serious about him.

8. Endure His Misbehavior And Let Him “Get On Your Back”.

A surefire way to make yourself look desperate and undesirable is to let a guy do whatever he wants with you.

You should never let a man abuse you, be cruel or rude to you, let alone be content with being his mistress.

9. Obsessing over where he is and who he is with.

Asking where he’s been and wanting to know everything about what he’s been up to and who will only make him walk away from you.

Trying to hold him with you all day, every day, and being jealous when he’s not is going to make you seem too clingy and needy.

10. Track His Every Move On Facebook And Declare Your Love For Him On Social Media Too Soon.

Another scary habit of a desperate person is to immediately like and comment on everything he posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Also, be very careful with what you post about it.

Telling everyone that the guy you met the night before is the guy to marry will bring an early end to what could have been a beautiful, long-lasting relationship!