How can I make him fall in love with me? (Quickly) Step by Step!

You found him. Something about this guy makes you want to take a deep breath. You want it to be all yours and nothing more. But, you must first make him fall in love with you.

I’ll give you basic tips that will help you get off track for good, even if he’s been dating for a long time.

The first step is to arouse your curiosity. Then you must persuade him to want only you.

Once you’ve hooked him, it’s all about making him happy. Finally, you must make yourself so indispensable to him that he cannot imagine existence without you.

If you play your cards right, he’ll be completely in love with you before you know it.

This is the first step in the process. There is no magic potion that makes him fall in love with you at first sight, unfortunately. You must start from the beginning and work your way towards passionate and lasting love.

Follow these tips to make him fall in love with you

Be confident

If you’re afraid to approach him, you’ll have to come up with a different technique to get his attention.

You should try to have an aura of confidence, joy, and comfort whenever he is around. If possible, strike up a conversation with a friend who is nearby. If you’re laughing and having fun, he’ll soon wonder what’s so funny.


It’s simple but effective. You can show him that you’re curious by flashing him a small smile.

If he is already interested in you, this will let you know that he has permission.

If he hasn’t thought of you that way before, it’s going to lead him to do so.

A quick glance and a smile are a great place to start, whether it’s a guy you’ve known for a long time, met recently, or simply admired from afar.


Body language is the first stage of flirting. The way you communicate with your body has a lot of power.

When you’re nervous, your body immediately shows that feeling by the way you’re positioned, which isn’t going to help it.

For starters, allow yourself to be vulnerable. Uncross your arms, sit or stand with your head held high.

This says that you are friendly and interested. Men will feel more comfortable talking to you if you are more open.

Maintain eye contact when talking to him. This shows him that you are paying attention to what he is saying.

Just be present and continue the conversation from there. For him to be attentive, you don’t have to blink or lick the whipped cream off your finger.

Make him come after you

Suppose you just ended a date with a guy. He’s attractive, engaging, and makes you laugh. The first date went well and you’re excited about the second.

He calls you the next day. He calls you six more times and leaves a series of voice messages since you don’t answer. Has the alarm started going off in your head?

Men are in the same boat. If you’re too anxious, he’ll get the impression that you don’t have much else to do.

It communicates the message that you are very approachable, which means that you are not very sought after and therefore not very “valued”.

Every interaction, whether you like it or not, creates an impression in this moment, and staying open makes you look desperate.

“Any man who thinks like that is a superficial idiot”, you might think, but he is not even aware of it. Our evolution has drawn people into high-value relationships for millions of years.

Natural selection may seem harsh, but it can be used to your advantage if you understand it.

How to play hard to get

It’s a cat-and-mouse game to make a man fall in love with you. You’re probably used to going out and getting what you want if you’re a goal-oriented person.

This is a good mindset to have in most situations, but when it comes to attracting a man, you need to be subtle and patient. Remember that fools run in, and you are not one of them.

There’s a reason “play hard to get” is a dating saying, but it’s more complicated than it sounds.

It’s not like you’re going to leave at midnight and leave him with only a crystal slipper to locate. You still want to be approachable, but not too much. You want to receive his approaches, but still leave him wanting more.

A few easy actions will make him like you without you realizing it.

Allow him to be the dominator to keep the chase. That’s not to say you don’t realize you’re interested, but if he’s the one making plans and contacting you, you’re offering the kind of challenge that will hook him.

Don’t say yes too quickly when he knocks. Tell him you’re busy and will make an appointment later instead of dropping everything to be with him.

He will realize that you have a full life and want to be a part of it that way.

He will have to compete for your time and attention, which increases his value as a prize. That in itself shows him something the women he’s been seeing with don’t have.

Make him happy

Of course, one of the most important things is to make each other happy. How can you love someone who doesn’t bring you joy? If you can establish a positive connection between his presence and his happiness, he will always fall in love with you.

Do the little things

Bringing him flowers and opening the door for him are probably not the best ways to win his heart, because guys aren’t used to girls being romantic.

But if you want to make him pass out, just remember what’s important to him.

Surprise him with a meal you know he’ll enjoy. Ask about his favorite movie and watch it with him. The important thing is that you paid attention to everything he said and acted on as a result.

Men, like women, want to be noticed and appreciated.

Say yes

It’s important to be nice. You don’t have to agree with everything he says, but don’t dismiss his ideas, don’t make him feel stupid, or argue just for the sake of arguing. You can still tease him and have those fun, seductive fights with him, but only about non-serious matters.

This should, in theory, occur naturally. If he’s someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, he’ll probably agree on a lot of things. Even so, it is not uncommon for opposites to attract.

His unique way of seeing the world is sometimes what attracted him in the first place. Keep this in mind and strive to follow their lead whenever possible. You will be surprised at fate, as he will appreciate your willingness to satisfy her.

Make him need you

It’s all about adding value to his life by making him need you. The longer a relationship lasts, the more together you are in each other’s lives. One of the foundations of love is mutual trust.

You’ll have to count on him too. He feels important when you ask him to take you to the airport or to open a bottle for you, but don’t bother.

Make sure you’re putting more into the relationship than you’re taking away.

For starters, thank him. Men love it when women appreciate them, so make it a point not only to praise him for everything he does but also to show him how you feel.

This could include paying for dinner, helping him pick out a birthday present for his mother, or taking care of him while he’s sick.

Show him that you’re not selfish and that you really care about his well-being. With any guy, this goes a long way.

If you can be the person he turns to for advice or a shoulder to cry on, he’ll keep you close.

You will notice that he is getting closer and closer to you, and the two of you will spend more time together. This is the simplest way to fall in love.