How to Make a Man Want Only You: 15 Valuable Tips!

So you’re dating the best man ever. He makes you feel like a million-dollar woman, and you feel like the two of you are a perfect fit. Now you must be wondering how to make him want only you.

The beginning of a relationship is always full of passion and new experiences together, and it’s easy to fall in love with one person and want that all the time. But how to make you the only one for him? 

It seems to be a general idea that men can’t be trusted to be loyal – from the looks of it, being with a woman isn’t for them; they get bored easily. 

But this is far from the truth! It has been proven that men are not against monogamy. You shouldn’t worry if your man is going to run away from anything for the time being just because he’s hooked up that way.

But, it is important to understand that men are very different from us women. 

Everything from the way they think, the way they understand and react to situations, and what moves them is different and something girls aren’t used to.

You don’t want him to lose interest or get bored. You want him to think your relationship with him is worth it, so he doesn’t resist working on it. 

And most importantly, you want him to think about you all the time, to want you so much it drives him crazy!

Well believe me, after following these tips on how to make him want only you, it won’t be a problem for you at all!

Here are 15 surefire ways that will end your quest for how to make him want you and only you. Let’s start!

1. Don’t demand too much of his financial support

That’s not attractive at all! If you seem like a person who needs a lot to be happy, you may be pushing people away from you more than you think.

Nobody likes materialism. If your man looks at you and thinks your beauty is fabricated, or money is all that matters to you, he won’t want to compromise.

Many needs can be intimidating. Also, if it’s not a special night out, don’t be afraid to go for it. He’ll be glad to be seeing you for real.

2. Don’t be clingy

Give him his space.

He shouldn’t feel that you are limiting or overwhelming him.

Let him be himself, and don’t complain when he wants alone time or wants to hang out with his friends.

You must be the cool girlfriend! We’re not saying you should pretend you don’t care, but maybe tone it down, especially at first.

3. Praise him

Men love to be complimented too! They don’t get compliments very often, so a compliment every now and then means a lot to them.

Appreciate your man when he is doing something good.

Tell him he looks amazing when he gets dressed up a little. If you reinforce that you have the hots for him, it will intensify his feelings as well. This will make it clear to him that he is someone you care about.

But don’t say generic things like “You’re cool”. Try to be as specific as possible; appreciate him for his particular qualities. Make him feel like a hero.

If the other important people in his life like you, he’ll respect you even more.

So be nice to his friends, even if they are being nasty.

This could be your way of showing affection! Try not to take things personally.

And if and when he does make you meet his parents or siblings, make sure you behave as best you can, not just to impress them, but as a general rule.

He sure as hell won’t like it if you’re cold to the people in your life. You don’t want him to have to defend them against you, do you?

5. Be confident

This is very important! You have to be comfortable in your own skin.

Nobody wants to date an insecure girl who is always doubting herself.

Trust is very, very attractive. So be in control; don’t give up all the time. Hold on! You don’t have to act like you own the place – just like you don’t care who you are.

And be positive about yourself. Let your personality shine through and he won’t be able to look away.

6. Don’t be too possessive

It’s really nice when someone cares enough to be jealous, but only up to a limit.

After a certain point, it gets boring and you feel overwhelmed. Give them the benefit of the doubt – they are with you because they want to be.

Try not to get jealous and suspicious, even though it can be difficult. That means there’s no stopping you from talking to your pretty coworker or seeing her text messages.

He’ll start hiding things from you if he knows you’re going to overreact to harmless things.

7. Dress well

Who doesn’t love when their wife gets dressed up for them? Wear clothes that flatter your body type – maybe buy some dresses that fit together in the right places.

He will be speechless when he sees you and he is sure to appreciate the effort his wonderful girlfriend has put in for him. Wear something you wouldn’t normally wear.

Seeing you with something new will make him notice you more, and you’ll feel really attractive too. Win-win situation.

8. Be yourself

Yea! If you can’t be yourself with your partner, then what’s the point of being in a relationship?

9. Tap him

Men respond very well to small touches every now and then. It makes a big difference. If he’s the one who always takes the initiative sometimes. Push him with your elbow. Touch his forearm while talking.

He’ll look forward to more physical contact and won’t be able to stop thinking about you. In short, keep your interest piqued.

10. Don’t be available all the time

Well, we’re not saying you should always indulge in the tedious game of playing hard to get.

This should stop when the flirting stage of your relationship is over.

But it’s also important not to sound desperate. If you’ve noticed that you’re the one who always calls, maybe back off a bit.

Make plans with a friend. Remember that old saying that when you take a step back, if the other person is involved and interested, they will take a step forward? Well, that’s really true. Give him a chance to step up!

11. Be spontaneous and exciting

Don’t get stuck in the rut. Boredom can be really exhausting and suffocating. So keep doing new things and having new experiences together.

Don’t be the cloying movie-dinner couple. Surprise him with some new bedroom tricks or plan a makeshift weekend staircase.

You don’t want to be an ordinary person – to be really attractive to him, you have to be someone other people want to be around too. In other words, keep things interesting!

12. Pay attention to what he likes

Don’t pretend to know about your hobbies if you don’t, but you’re definitely interested in them. You want him to feel like he can be with you and still do everything he loves, and that you won’t stop him.

Whether you ask him questions about things he likes or read on his own, he’ll feel incredibly special because the effort you’re putting into him will make it clear that you really care.

So maybe play video games with him someday, or watch the tennis games he’s obsessed with. It will be fun!

13. Don’t try too hard

It can be easy to overdo it when you really like someone. Do not do it; it can be too much for someone to handle all at once.

It’s important that you show him that you like him, yes, but it shouldn’t be because you’re always chasing him or doing too much to show him that you care. You can really wish he wanted you a lot more than he does, but there are more subtle ways to do that. Do not worry!

14. Have your own life

Rest assured that you will not make your relationship define your life. You must have passions beyond that.

If you already have hobbies, great, enjoy it more often. Don’t really know how to spend free time alone? Find it out!

Check out some recipes online and try your hand at cooking or join a dance class and feel rejuvenated.

Something, anything. After all, it’s only when you’re not around that he’ll have a chance to miss you. So have other priorities too!

15. Make him feel wanted!

This is the last and perhaps the most important way to get what you want. It’s simple: you make it clear what you want and make him feel wanted, and he’ll want you too. 

The rule of reciprocity. Let him know, through your body language, your words, and your actions that you find him truly attractive, inside and out. 

Do little things for him, leave him little notes. It may seem strange not to try too hard, but it’s about finding a balance.

If you want your man to stay, you need to familiarize yourself with his thought process. 

We hope these tips on how to make him want you (and only you) have helped you!