6 tips for falling in love with your partner again

Love is not a one-way street, nor should it end in a dead end: if habit and boredom have spread in your relationship, you should renew the relationship. And so your love can reignite:

The change came slowly: more and more of the tingling feelings in their relationship were saying goodbye. The butterflies in the belly disappeared, the routine took over and completely delays the adventure. On the one hand, it’s good because you’ve built trust and closeness, you know each other inside out. But at the same time, it’s quite monotonous and out of frustration, fights suddenly spread. Now you must renew the relationship – but how?

Always new relationship: tips to return to happiness

A partnership is not a one-way street. You have to keep remembering what you have in each other and reflect on the important things. Fortunately, there are some handy tricks to freshen up your relationship:

1. Rituals and quality time

At night, does everyone look at the television instead of their partner’s eyes, and even as they eat, are their eyes constantly on their smartphones? This is not a romantic night, but a relationship killer! Create common rituals and regularly mine space for time for two. Cell phones and other devices are prohibited. Don’t have anywhere near you, just focus on the person you love. During this time, children can go to the nanny or the grandparents.

2. Try something new

Adrenaline strengthens feelings for each other and consequently can also help to renew the relationship. When was the last time you tried something new? There’s a lot to discover. Climbing the high ropes course together, skydiving or simply cycling through nature – get strong and let your adrenaline level rise to fall in love all over again like on day one.

3. Surprises

Does routine overshadow your love? So it’s time for little surprises. Whether you’re taking your partner out to dinner together, planning a nature excursion or the theater, or handing out little love notes everywhere: get creative and think about the surprises you can incorporate into everyday life. 

4. Don’t forget about yourself

In the midst of all the union, however, you must not neglect yourself. Healthy partnerships benefit from a balance between proximity and distance. And only when you love yourself can you love too. That means: investing in your own well-being, maintaining your social contacts, diving into interesting hobbies, and flourishing as a volunteer or as a career. In this way, you also look more attractive to your partner at the same time.

5. See the positive side

It’s easy to focus on the negative things in everyday life. All of your partner’s positive behaviors have long been a habit. A normal that hinders the restoration of the relationship. Go inside and think about what is going particularly well in your life together. Maybe the fact that he always made tea at night or they made his bed every day. If you focus on the positives that cannot be taken for granted, you will see that many negatives look more like a fly than an elephant.

6. Communication is the key and the end of it all

But if the problem is really more elephant-like, then work on your tone and body language. Strong discussion rarely brought change. Instead, try to communicate your feelings about certain upsetting factors in the relationship in a constructive way. Don’t swallow anything, just talk. Always remember: the sound makes the music.

Everyday life can be so beautiful!

Love is not a natural thing, but with mindfulness, a lot is gained in every relationship. You also had a tingling time before the monotony. A lot of what made you happy back then is everyday life today – but isn’t that beautiful? A relationship can be reinvigorated by becoming aware of this.

However, there is no magic solution to save all relationships. If the tips don’t help you will be stuck in a dead end, the way forward seems blocked. It can help to temporarily separate or even think about new partnership models, such as an open relationship.  Maybe this will help you find your way back down the road of love.

Renew Your Relationship: When It Doesn’t Work

Despite all goodwill, of course, not every relationship can be saved. You shouldn’t give up on the first problems, but if, despite the good mood and work, love doesn’t come back, you’ll have to think about alternatives in the long run. Unfortunately, the answer to the question “How can I renew my relationship?” Sometimes it is no way.

The good news: every ending is also a new beginning. In the worst case, separation is inevitable. See this as an opportunity for a new chapter in your life. This not only increases your freedom and time to focus on yourself. In addition, you also open your heart to new people who can bring happiness back into your life.