10 Tips to make her fall in love with you

You’ve barely been able to think clearly since meeting this incredible woman, and now you’re feverishly asking yourself, “  How do I make her fall in love with me? Are there any useful tips and tricks? “

As a man, I can understand this question perfectly.

Because not only is her sweet smile just amazing, but so is her character. Right?

You two like to joke with each other, you can talk for hours about any topic and discover more and more things in common between you, like two “soul mates”.

However, because of your behavior, you fear that your interest is only one-sided. That she couldn’t return your feelings, but at most wants friendship in the end.

There! Unhappy being in love in the friend zone can end up being very painful for us men…

But do not worry!

As a flirting expert, I’m going to tell you the best tips and tricks to make the most of your chances with the woman of your dreams and make her fall in love with you.

As a first step, however, you should recognize the biggest mistakes I want to save you from…

How do I make her fall in love with me? The 5 Biggest Mistakes!

Now I’m really mad at these Hollywood movies when it comes to flirting. Because most of these movies and series give a completely wrong picture of how women fall in love.

Hollywood usually only shows us two extreme types of men who end up with girls:

1.  The submissive Niceguy, who fixes your sink at 3 o’clock at night… or delivers the bouquet in the pouring rain and always repeats the words “I love you!”

2.  The muscular male in the ripped shirt, fights madly, drinks, drives fast sports cars, and impresses women like a superhero.

Both clichés of “masculinity” have nothing to do with reality when it comes to the question of how a woman falls in love with you.

So watch out for it by avoiding these one-sided behaviors like the plague:

1. Just be a listener and helper

Most men make one big dating mistake:

“  As a gentleman, I always have to be there for her, listen carefully, and help with any problems. Then she will see what a good character I am and fall in love with me – simply because I am the perfect partner for a relationship! “

But this is very submissive behavior in the long run, which clearly makes him a “good friend”.

A man who is available all the time, like a dog who whistles, seems very boring. That predictability just doesn’t create tension.

Also, the woman can quickly get the feeling that you are pretending to be and you only love to help her because you want her love in return.

Or that you are easily exploited – which is a clear sign of low self-esteem.

Always send polite and courteous signals, playing with your psychiatrist, handyman or lawyer is the sure way to the friend zone!

2. Clumsy display with status symbols

Of course, there are always beautiful women who get into the Porsche with the rich guy or gaze ecstatically at his Rolex at the bar.

However, these are questionable gold-digging girls who are only after love for money or a short-term fling with wild pool parties.

That kind of life really has nothing to do with true love.

On the contrary: if a (sensible) woman sees that you want to impress her on a date with your expensive apartment, the latest cell phone, or the Mercedes in the garage, she will quickly run away … as fast as her high heels will allow.

No girl likes showing off – because it creates the impression that you have to make up for your lack of masculinity with expensive status symbols.

3. Just focus on muscle and appearance

In another article, I already explained to you that many women like muscles.

However, thick arms are not essential if you want her to fall in love with you. After all, what good is a strong bicep if the man is a real coward and has almost nothing to offer in terms of character?

In any case, women are much less likely to fall for appearances than men are.

So, don’t make the mistake of beating yourself up in the gym just to know some beauty ideals!

Even “wallpapering” your body with cool tattoos doesn’t make you that much more attractive in terms of relationships.

Instead of just pumping your body like a tuned car, you should also work on your masculine demeanor. 

4. Expensive invitations and gifts

It’s one of Hollywood’s biggest cliches about the question “How does she fall in love with me?”:

Many men believe that all they have to do is take a woman out for a romantic candlelit dinner, pay the cell phone bill or buy expensive jewelry – and then the spark will strike.

However, these submissive gestures only give your loved one the uncomfortable feeling that you want to “buy” their love and that they are forced to “give something back”. This creates enormous pressure to get to know each other.

And like I said: apparently, being exploited as a man as a cash cow, that’s never more attractive in life.

Also, your generosity feels like you are desperately trying to score points with her with material things. This is a sad sign that you think her character isn’t convincing enough.

But she should fall in love with YOU, not your (always open) wallet, right? 

5. Make her a confession of love

Men still make open confessions of love to women or tentatively indicate in their WhatsApp messages that they “feel more” than just friendship.

Love never comes from pure words but from your actions!

Moreover, such a declaration of love could completely take your lady of the heart by surprise, if she has no idea how lucky she is.

Worst of all though: with these clear signals, you put the proverbial pistol to her chest to have to immediately decide for or against you.

This adds to the pressure as they get to know each other – especially when she’s still not sure she loves him and wants things to go a little slower.

10 tips to make her fall in love with you

Is there a “recipe” for women to fall in love? How does the baker bake his buns? Or a mysterious secret formula like Mr. “SpongeBob” Krabs (which the nasty plankton are always trying to steal)?

What makes this seemingly magical attraction to masculinity?

When men ask me “How does she fall in love with me?” I can always give the following answer:

There are basically two “ingredients” needed for love, namely physical attraction, and deep trust.

Somehow also logical…

Because, on the one hand, the woman of your dreams has to feel that tingling in her stomach and that inner longing for you, for you to be more to her than just a “good friend”.

For a common future, however, she should also feel safe with you and discover enough similarities that she sees you as a dream man and can envision a long-term relationship with you.

But tried and tested flirting techniques and manipulation techniques alone are not enough if you want to make a woman passionate.

Also, you must honestly convince her of your masculine strength so that true and lasting love can develop with her.

You can achieve this with some clear tips and tricks that I will tell you now:

1. Make yourself rare and interesting

First, you need to know: what we humans can have in abundance quickly becomes boring. It’s the rare things that seem precious and therefore arouse our interest.

Women, in particular, appreciate men who are independent, who don’t seem desperate, and who don’t make the search for a partner or relationship the focus of their lives.

That’s why when it comes to dating: make yourself rare, and be your star!

So, don’t spam the woman with 231 WhatsApp messages every day, don’t meet her all the time in your free time, and don’t ask to date her all the time!

Like a sticky burdock, you become uninteresting to them faster than you can see.

On the other hand, if you withdraw your attention (for a while) as a kind of mental “coitus interruptus”, she will start to miss you.

Perhaps this will turn into real longing so that she falls in love with you!

I’ve already written a blog article about the best way to make yourself slim as a man in order to look interesting.

2. Humor and playful teasing

You definitely should be able to make a woman laugh – because a good mood immediately creates a firework of positive emotions, which then connects them to YOU.

Do you consider yourself quite “uncomfortable”? Then check out good comedians, sitcoms, or cartoon series like The Simpsons for inspiration!

Grandmother’s wisdom still applies: what you love provokes each other.

By that, I mean a playful and flirty way of dealing with provocative and ironic sayings, such as:

  • “Your muffins taste absolutely great…but they don’t go with my grandma’s apple pie! Well, nothing will come of the two of us … “
  • “Nice coat… reminds me a bit of my little cousin!”
  • “What, you never saw Breaking Bad? I think I’ll ask for a divorce! “(With a lot of humor, because you are not married)

These slightly cheeky remarks aren’t just humorous. They also create a certain physical tension that will help her fall in love with you.

3. Plan exciting dates with emotions

Many men plan completely ordinary dates, like going to the movies or having a drink at the nearest bar.

How about if you give her a special moment – ​​an adventure she won’t soon forget in her life?

Good ideas are, for example, leisure activities like a rollercoaster ride (literally “tingling in the stomach”), bowling together or a romantic picnic by the lake…

Such an unusual date evokes positive feelings, which the woman associates with you. And, in any case, shared experiences bring us, humans, together on an emotional level.

When choosing activities, however, you can also orient yourself according to your preferences!

4. Show classically masculine features

Every girl dreams of the heroic knight on the white horse. But even grown women still value traditional masculine virtues in a partnership.

The biggest signs of attractive masculinity in dating are:

  • A pronounced and healthy self-confidence
  • Courage and willingness to take risks, also when talking and flirting
  • Independence (especially from women, so never go after them)
  • Your own clear opinion (sometimes being able to say “NO”!)
  • Exciting hobbies and leisure interests, as well as a thirst for adventure
  • Dominance and leadership like an alpha male
  • Determination and a mission in life rather than sitting back
  • Be a little mysterious and don’t reveal too much about yourself (like in those movies where the quiet guy sits at the bar and ends up in bed with the pretty bartender…)
  • knowledge and education
  • Confident body language with an upright walk

The closer you get to this ideal of masculinity in everyday life, the more attractive you become to women.

Especially in times when most guys lack real masculinity, this makes you a rare specimen who is correspondingly valuable for a stable relationship.

It actually shows the whole answer to the question, “How did she fall in love with me?”

It goes without saying that we men can’t change overnight like that… but here you’ll find articles on how to become more masculine and strengthen your manhood!

5. Use the power of touch

We men are fixated on convincing our counterparts with words – both in work and in love.

As a result, we forget that a large part of flirting signals is sent non-verbally, i.e. at the body language level.

Gentle touches on our human skin have an “electrifying” effect and reveal a special power, especially with sensual women, which they can hardly avoid (if they generally think you sympathize).

So make sure you make physical contact at the right time of your date.

It starts with a greeting hug. You should then intensify the touching throughout the encounter, for example touching her arm and later holding hands.

If you, as a man, “feel your way” step by step, the kiss will come fast!

But always pay attention to her reactions – and first downshift if you notice signs that your touch is uncomfortable or that she is walking too fast.

6. Find common values ​​and goals

In love, we have the phrase: “The willing attracts”.

Because it is the similarities that unite people and ensure a deeper emotional connection through “soul kinship”.

A very attractive woman in particular can have many men if she wants to… But if you show her that you are made for each other through very special similarities, you will become a precious jewel for her, so that she will fall in love with you.

And by “similarities” I don’t mean that the two of you like to eat pizza, love “South Park” or hate rainy weather.

After all, she shares superficial preferences with a lot of guys out there.

Instead, you must find deeper matches on what defines your values ​​in life.

So, look for special things in the meeting that bring you together and highlight the conversation!

You can accomplish this through in-depth meeting conversation topics—good questions to know with appropriate answers, such as:

  • You:  “What are the three most important things in life for you?”
  • “My family, my dog, ​​and that I can travel twice a year to relax!”
  • Family is also very important to me, I am a complete family person. I too want to get married someday, move to a modernized farmhouse in the country, and raise children there! “
  • You:  “This is exactly what I want!” (With enthusiasm)

Especially when you communicate common plans for the future, it gives her a signal that you are a suitable partner to fall in love with in a long-term relationship. The perfect match, so to speak!

After all, every woman wants to meet the man of her dreams during courtship, who at some point will drag her down the aisle …

7. Compliments for your personality

Attractive women, in particular, receive what seems like 100 compliments about their appearance every day.

Indeed, a woman does not want to be loved for her lush cleavage or her long blonde hair – but for her unique character.

So give her individual compliments about her inner values ​​such as:

  • “Talking and laughing for hours about movies – I couldn’t do that with any other friend!”
  • “I love the passion and patience with which you sit down at night to paint your pictures!”

Give her confirmation of your personality and show her that you love her true inner being! Then, on the contrary, she will also be able to fall in love with you for a happy partnership.

8. Arouse a little jealousy

Competition stimulates business, even love!

So, as a man, it’s a good idea to feed your jealousy a little. But that doesn’t mean that in your free time you should make out wildly with other girls like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s better to just send a few small, subtle signals:

  • Post a photo on social media where you are posing (amicably) with another woman
  • Casually mentioning contact with other women in conversation on a date: “I was with a good friend at the movies the other day and we saw this unbelievable movie, blah blah blah…”
  • Tell her at the party, “Hey, wait a minute. I’m going to say hello to a friend, we haven’t spoken in a few weeks…”

Your loved one will recognize your attractive status.

Then it may happen that you become extremely important to her and she falls in love with you…

9. Show protective instincts like a man

Of course, women are by nature the so-called “weaker gender”. This is human biology, whether feminists like it or not…

That is why the “woman” instinctively looks for a strong life partner who can protect her loved one from the dangers of this world.

But you don’t have to let your fists fly like Jackie Chan in his prime.

Simple gestures of attention during the encounter are enough:

  • Leave it in the “safe” spot by the window during overnight bus and train rides while you sit outside in the hallway so no dodgy characters pass by.
  • Take the woman home at night and wait until she has closed the front door behind her (even if she has been looking for the front door keys in her purse for five minutes…)
  • Or ask in a WhatsApp message if she got home safely.

Reliability, punctuality, and compliance with agreements are also confidence-building measures regarding a potential relationship between you.

All of this increases (even from a biological point of view) your value as a steady partner to her – and helps her fall in love with you over time!

10. Put on an attractive perfume

(True, this a very simple tip, but sometimes flirting just works…)

I once knew a guy who tried pheromones before he went clubbing because he wanted to use them to attract women into approaching them.

And aren’t there always fairy tales and stories with some love potion?

But you don’t have to go that far…

Just spray your neck with a good perfume before the date instead of just using your usual deodorant.

The smell of men can have a particularly stimulating effect on women and trigger strong emotions. Turn heads for real, no “chemical tricks” or magic.

If you are not sure which fragrance to choose, seek advice from a perfumery!

Perhaps soon you will be able to smell each other so well that she will fall in love with you as much as you will with her…