How to find the woman of your dreams?

What is the “woman for life”? Just a Hollywood myth?

Finding a partner in love movies is so easy: the man meets beauty, the two fall in love, and finally marry to ride lovingly into the sunset. They are then, as it is often called in fairy tales, “happy to the end of their lives.” But does all this really exist or are they just stories for hopeless romantics?

My opinion: in reality, of course, it’s not as easy as in Hollywood. A relationship/marriage often goes through ups and downs, in everyday life the sky is not always full of rosy clouds. There is often a big storm…

In addition, a little luck always plays a role in the search for a partner. Some people simply do not find “the right person” or “the right one”, so the wedding never happens or the supposed princess of dreams ends up becoming a real nightmare for all men over time.

Finding the needle in the haystack … A call to optimism!

If you’re already discouraged, now comes the big BUT: If you do a search from now on and meet a lot of women, the chances quickly increase that at some point the dream woman will be there and one day she’ll even be in front of the altar at the wedding. Because the deeper you dig in the proverbial haystack, the faster you can find the famous needle. Sounds logical, right?

All you need is perseverance and a little patience. So don’t give up, young warrior!

Also: the more girls you meet, and the date and the more relationships you’ve had, the more experience you gain. This way, you will also know much better which woman really suits you and you will be able to search for a corresponding “model” in the singles market.

How is a woman really supposed to be for the rest of her life?

With that – admittedly very pathetic – a name I have always envisioned a demigoddess – a dreamlike appearance that is too beautiful to be true. Simply the greatest love… So let’s get back to the facts for a moment and ask ourselves: What makes women so special in life? How is she?

Of course, every man has his individual desires when looking for a partner. But I think the woman of dreams should have the following characteristics:

  • Good looking
  • Humor is being able to laugh at yourself once in a while
  • intelligence/education
  • Independence, a satisfying job
  • Entrepreneur, share hobbies with me
  • An open mind to new things
  • Empathy in the relationship
  • Be able to deal with crises in the partnership
  • reliability, honesty
  • know how to cook well
  • A good family (when things get really serious at some point and it comes to marriage)

These are some examples of what is important to me in a partner. The best thing to do is to make a list of characteristics that your future girlfriend should have. This gives you a clear idea of ​​which woman suits you and what you should be looking for as a single.

Where do you find the woman for life? The best places to visit

You are probably also wondering where you can find this woman for life. I can tell you one thing in advance: you won’t find them at the disco or in any classified ads on the supermarket bulletin board. Exceptions, of course, confirm the rule … But to massively increase the chances of a magical encounter with great love, I recommend other places for you.

I already wrote an article about where to meet women. In it, you will find some ideas and suggestions for places where you are more likely to get lucky and look for your personal goddess.

How do I find the right woman for life? 9 golden tips for searching

Not only where is decisive when looking for a partner. The big price question is, above all, HOW to find the woman for life – preferably for free, without spending a lot of money on a personal ad. That’s why I’d like to give you 10 tips for your search for the woman of her dreams.

1. The attitude: be open and don’t plan too far ahead

Don’t look for a “woman for life”, but at most a “relationship” or just a nice lady who – however – enriches your everyday life. Remain with an open mind. Because if you have high expectations of getting to know each other, you are putting yourself under unnecessary pressure.

Above all, this means: Giving yourself and the women time at the meeting to sniff each other out and not plan the next 12 years or even marriage. Don’t think about the “love of life”, just think about the next day and the next meeting. What develops out of mutual knowledge is not predictable anyway, but only appears over time – and by itself.

2. Bring patience and keep hope

Equally important for the inner attitude: be patient when looking for a partner and never give up, even if you collect a few stumps or the first dates turn out to be failures. It often takes several attempts to get lucky and find the right one.

I’ve heard of friends who easily had 15 girlfriends or more before the right woman was there. So don’t give up hope, but as a man always stays in possession of the ball!

3. Make the reasons clear: Why am I looking?

Many single men dream of finally meeting a suitable woman and often even imagine marriage. The only question is, why do I want to end my single life and find a stable relationship? A partnership should never serve to compensate for one’s own problems and dissatisfactions or to fill an inner void.

Each man must first face his own challenges and develop self-satisfaction to be happy. The relationship is then just the cherry on top of an already fabulous life. This gives her inner freedom and independence which is also welcomed by girls. Do you see the difference?

4. Dating sites, dating apps, and classified ads on the net

Of course, you can study the classifieds to find a partner, or you can advertise them yourself. Also, count on good dating sites and dating apps like Tinder. In addition to these smartphone apps, there are also some internet dating sites that are free for men. But how do you flirt while dating online? Here you will find tips on writing for women.

It’s important not to look desperate in your personal ad or dating site. In your profile text, don’t tell everyone how long you’ve been single. As a man, avoid expressions like “Find the woman of your life” or “Find my great love”. This doesn’t sound romantic, but rather kitschy and needy. Impossible when it comes to online dating!

5. Find women with the same hobbies and preferences

We’ve all heard sayings like “I’d like to do that to you”. And yes, they are correct. With couples who have a lot in common, chances are good that the relationship will last a long time. Also, of course, people who have similar hobbies, interests, and (related) values ​​often fall in love.

So it becomes clear where you can best look for a woman for life: wherever there are single girls who have the same hobbies as you. This works best in clubs, sports groups, brass bands, and other associations of all kinds where people with similar interests meet. But other special places like museums, football stadiums or bookstores are also a good option – whatever interests you!

6. Be attentive and flirt anywhere in everyday life

As I started flirting and gradually got better, I made a startling discovery: how many good opportunities to meet beautiful women I had already missed! In fact, most men go blindly through everyday life and let all the big creatures pass rather than engage them in conversation.

That’s why I want you to be an open man, overcome your fears and from now on talk to cute girls EVERYWHERE: with the cashier at the supermarket, the saleswoman at the bakery, the hairdresser, or the nice lady who will tell you the times or calls for fire (yes, that happens too). It doesn’t have to be big, a little conversation is enough at first.

The prerequisite is, of course, that you travel a lot. So go out regularly – no attractive single women ever ring your house unless you’ve just asked for escort service…

7. Don’t bring gifts to meetings

On the other hand, it’s also true that you shouldn’t put your interest on the table so obviously. Remain challenging when dating and leave the lady in the dark. Mysterious guys create a pleasant stomach tingle in the opposite gender! On the other hand, nothing turns off more than a single man who is desperately looking for a woman for life and it shows in every gesture!

Therefore, do not bring bouquets of flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, or other seemingly “romantic” gifts to the meeting. Don’t give drinks to the disco party rats right away! Otherwise, the impression arises that you want to “buy” love. Instead, you must convince by a fascinating male personality. If you look like a real man, you don’t need to lift your wallet.

8. The right questions and topics to know

The purpose of the date is always to get to know the other person more deeply. After all, when you’re looking for a mate, you want to know if she really could be the woman for life, right? The only way to find out is to ask the right questions and bring up personal topics. Read the various dating articles on my blog and you will know how to properly organize the conversation.

9. Avoid topics like marriage and children

In the meeting, however, there are also taboo topics that you should avoid as one. This is related to point 1, which I mentioned above, remember? Meet the lady step by step and find out if she could be the woman of a lifetime. This also means: do not frighten them with hasty expectations and big plans for the future.

If you’re sitting in a cafe with your first drink and you’re already talking about getting married and starting a family as a man, that’s not very attractive. Also, don’t tell her things like you’re looking for the “woman for life”. Something like that seems pretty hopeless (just like on the dating site or classified ad). Always give her the feeling that you are approaching the date with curiosity, but openness and without high expectations.

This takes the pressure off your shoulders and makes sure she feels comfortable with you. I wish you the best of luck in your search for the woman of your dreams!