Does he love me? This is how you can know how he feels about you.

Love is not always easy to understand. Especially when your partner suddenly sends you ambivalent signals, one question is obvious: “Does he love me?” Feelings don’t always have to go away when your loved one changes their behavior. However, we can understand your concerns and want to help you find an answer to the question “How do I know if he loves me?” Because his behavior doesn’t always reflect your inner life and your feelings about your relationship.

Does he love me? These signs speak for it

The question “does he love me?” It often only arises when both partners express their affection differently. Misunderstandings often arise because one partner thinks he or she would be more invested in the relationship than the other.

There are clear clues to the question “Does he love me?” Which suggests a positive response – more precisely the “five love languages”. Whether one of the two partners can express their affection in all five languages ​​or only leans towards one does not play a role in the strength of their feelings. So watch the man next to you closely.

“Does He Love Me?”: Praise and Acknowledgment as a Clear Signal

Praise and appreciation are sure signs that real feelings are involved. By praising someone, you make it clear that you don’t take for granted what they are doing for you. The opposite is the same. Recognition shows that we like what the other person achieves privately or professionally, we support them with regard to their goals and ambitions. The question “Does he love me?”, Therefore, it can be replaced by the question: “Does he like what I do?”.


Supporting someone also means giving more than you expect in return. Put the cost-benefit calculation aside in a partnership, so you won’t feel cheated because you think you would tolerate, endure, or invest more than your partner. For example, did he cook for you every day and do the housework while you were sick? Did he arrange childcare in the afternoon because you had to work overtime? Does he like it when you go on vacation for a week with your friends? So there’s no mistaking the “does he love me?” point.

Time together

Spending time with each other is the most valuable thing you can give each other. According to the relationship coach, this has less to do with unusual activities for two than it does with attention. So dedicate yourself to each other and talk instead of just being on your smartphone. Plan activities together, like exercising or cooking in the evening. If your partner takes a lot of time for you, you have your answer to the question, “Does he love me?”

Small gifts

Small gifts and compliments for men to receive and confess their love – although the cost factor is less important. The answer to the question “How much does he love me?” It certainly cannot be converted into financial expenses, which is generally a fallacy. True love occurs completely independently of money. Instead, it’s about saying thank you, for example, for covering your back at the last family party, for the clean apartment, for the delicious dinner you stayed in the kitchen for all day. This sends a clear signal against the doubts “Does he love me?” Does he often give you something for no apparent reason? Maybe your love is the reason…

The Test: Does He Love Me?

Whether it’s a dating phase or an existing relationship – there is often uncertainty behind the question “does he love me?”. You feel that you don’t get enough confirmation from your loved one.

How exactly do you find out if he’s serious about you? I advise you to ask your partner the following five questions in the “Does He Love Me” test. Depending on how he responds, this already reveals a lot about his feelings.

  1. “Do you think I’m attractive?”

If your partner answers yes and flashes a meaningful smile, it means: He finds you attractive just the way you are, flaws or not, they don’t matter.

It is important:  Get the thought out of your head and leave the answer as it is and don’t destroy the moment by asking questions.

  1. “What do you want to do in ten and twenty years?”

In the future will he not speak of “I” but of “we”? This a pretty clear indication that you’re wondering “does he love me” for nothing. Because you don’t have a man by your side who’s afraid to commit for the long haul.

  1. “Are you really listening to me?”

Your doubts about “Does he love me or not?” They are completely unfounded when he gives you his full attention during a conversation. Of course, everyone has moments of carelessness or is mentally preoccupied with other things. But if he honestly states the matter and you also observe for yourself, then you can be sure of his affection.

  1. “Should I say what I want?”

You can answer the question “Does he love me” with “Yes” if he’s sure he knows all your wishes – but he’ll be happy to be corrected. This shows how men show interest and want to make you happy.

  1. “What do you think of my father?”

Note:  These five questions are by no means all the signs of the “does he love me” question. He can also underline what he said with what he is doing. So that you can be absolutely sure that he loves you, take a close look at the man’s body language. And then answer the following yes or no questions:

The opinion on this issue is clear: if he is serious, he will try to maintain a good relationship with his father, but avoid direct comparison with him. After all, you don’t want to be in a relationship with your own father’s look-alike – and he knows that too.

  1. Does he let you participate in his life?

Does he talk about his everyday life, his worries, and his problems? Does he ask for advice when he doesn’t know what to do or when a big decision needs to be made? If he loves you, he will share important aspects of his life with you.

  1. Does your body language ever say “He loves me”?

Does he lean forward during conversation? Does he turn to you when talking to each other? Is he touching you casually? If this man’s body language applies, he will give you his full attention and will want to develop a closeness with you.

  1. Does he talk about you with his friends?

An important signal for the “does he love me” question – especially in the courtship phase. But how do you know that? If you are just getting to know his friends but they seem to know a lot about you then he has certainly told them about you.

  1. Does he love me and make me laugh?

that you are happy – then you should not have doubts like “does he love me or not”.

  1. Does he make concessions?

Is he going to pull out of the Bundesliga game because you’re already planning something at the same time? Is he canceling his friend’s birthday because you two were invited by your friends? Is he ready to spend a whole day with his family, even if your relationship is still fresh? “He loves me?” – Yes, if he is willing to give up something he likes to do for you. Because he knows you care.

Tentative conclusion:  Even if you couldn’t answer all the questions with “yes” or if your answers were slightly different, you need not continue to have questions: “Does he love me?” The most important thing to know each other and in a relationship is:

  • approach each other
  • to plan the future together,
  • to let the other participants in your life, as well as
  • the small but clear signs of intimacy and the gentle, tender touch.

You can be sure that your partner has passed the “he loves me” test if you check off these aspects.

“He loves me?” – Doubts remain

Never let him feel your insecurity. Don’t give up on your (potential) partner if you have even the slightest doubt. Even if it seems like he doesn’t know what he wants. Because men usually express their feelings through actions rather than swearing words. Pay special attention to small everyday gestures when looking for an answer to the question “Does he really love me?” Because they can make a difference and are often hidden in the details:

  • Has he come to fix the mirror on the wall for you?
  • Or help him assemble the closet?
  • Does he help you move even though you only met on the second date?

Conclusion: “Does he love me?” – Your intuition gives you security

Some men always find the right words to reassure a woman that she is loved. But most of them prefer to let their actions and gestures speak for themselves. If you’re wondering, “Does he love me?”, it’s best to trust her instinct. Is he there for you, do you feel comfortable and safe with him? This would hardly be the case if there weren’t emotions involved. Because men are even less capable of doing this: pretending to be something where there is nothing. So if you are not sure and always ask yourself “Does he love me or not?”, just take a closer look. The answer is usually right in front of you.