Does he miss me?

In the first phase of the approach, many people have a question in their minds: “Does he miss me?” You would like to spend time with your loved one 24 hours a day. But of course, this is not always possible in everyday life. In the absence phases, the longing for the other is, naturally, particularly great. Especially if he comes from another city or is on a business trip, the feeling is only reinforced.

Fortunately, there are some signs you can use to tell when a man is missing a woman. We want to take a closer look at the details. We will also tell you what you can do to provoke your loved one’s feelings. Even on a quick trip, even to Juquehy beach, it’s good that he misses you.

Does he miss me? These 9 signs speak for it

1. He admits it openly and honestly

The clearest indication, of course, is that he’s openly admitting it and telling you. Whether over the phone, on social media, or in public. Honest confessions like “I miss you”, “I wish you were here now” or “I long for you” speak not only that he misses you, but that he means it.

2. He is present online

But it can also be seen indirectly when a man misses a woman. Pay attention to his interactions on social media. If he likes or comments on your photos or posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, it could mean that he is attracted to you. He might also share topics or videos you talked about on your last date.

3. Does he miss me? He seeks to find out about me through friends

He uses friends as a diversion to express his desire for you. If he talks about you a lot or asks about you a lot on social media, it could be a sign that he misses you. This indirect contact through related third parties can be used in the case of an advanced dating process in connection with the question “ Are we together? “Be a specific indication that he’s into you. After all, these are your closest confidants.

4. He answers often

Whether he misses you or is going to forget about you can also be deduced from the frequency of contact and continuous exchange. If he contacts you without your intervention, chances are he’s interested. 

The more often this happens from a distance in a situation, the more it shows that he misses you. But the way he communicates with you can also give you information. When he sends seemingly baseless messages and WhatsApp flirts in between, the main thing for him is to give a sign of life. Of course, he expects you to react.

But be careful: if he withdraws and doesn’t report anything, the chances are slim that he has mixed intentions.

5. He remembers everything

If you’re looking for an answer to the question “Does he miss me?” Read between the lines. If his thoughts are still on your last date or referring to a shared memory, he’s conveying his desire and connection to you. For example, he remembers the dress you looked great in. Or he recaps a funny situation the two of you went through.

6. He is very observant

If a man misses a woman, it can be seen in how attentive he is. As an “old school gentleman”, he has romantic ideas. For example, he’ll send you his favorite flowers or his favorite brand of chocolate. He seems to know more about you than you might think. He tries to read your wants and needs in your eyes and surprises you when you don’t expect them.

7. He desperately wants to see you when he misses you

He really wants to see her again and makes suggestions for a date. Maybe he’s also planning crazy ideas for the future. Depending on how great his desire for you is, he will visit spontaneously or without warning.

8. He wants pictures of you

A clear indication when you ask yourself “does he miss me?” He wants pictures of you. He wants a personal photo that he can look at during your somber absence in order to shorten the wanderlust for you or make it more bearable.

9. When a man misses a woman, he becomes emotional

Either he reacts with sadness when the time until you meet again is late or he can barely keep his anticipation for the next date under control. He might also get jealous when he sees you dating other men or when you let him sit in the waiting room for a while. If he shows feelings, it could be a noticeable expression that he misses you.

Does he even miss me? Tips to help you

If you cannot find a positive answer, despite the described signs, it may be that you have not known each other long enough, the situation has not yet arisen, or you are ahead of the feeling too quickly so that it cannot even arise with it. But you can also neutralize the worry that he will miss you or be forgotten soon. You can use these tips to encourage his desire for you:

  • Give yourself enough time to collect your thoughts.
  • Give yourself and him more freedom
  • Limit communication a little
  • Don’t reply to every SMS or WhatsApp right away
  • Be the one to end a conversation
  • Stay independent and follow your hobbies and find friends
  • Let him take the initiative

Conclusion: if you want to count, be patient and rarely do it yourself!

Now you know some possible answers to the question “Does he miss me?” The more freedom you allow, the more likely he is to feel that he craves you. Some men may take a little longer to realize they’re missing something. The above tips can help you, but you shouldn’t try to manipulate the other person or play games. Your feelings for each other should be honest and authentic, but in no way forced. Trust your intuition and stay true to yourself, then nothing can go wrong.