Women don’t declare themselves to men!

Women don’t declare themselves to men… how many times do I have to say this?

Sometimes everything is going very well, especially in your head, which thinks that because the guy is being nice, he’s not giving anything away, that you deserve to give yourself to him and that includes confessing to him…

Then you go there, open-hearted, and say: “I’m in love with you, I love you!”

What does the guy hear? “I am DESPERATE, please stay with me…”

And then he sets up his defense for what he wants you for…

After all, he ALREADY KNOWS you like him, but the fact that he’s NOT SURE is what keeps him going…

Because as I always say here, men are hunters, whether you believe it or accept it, that’s a fact and period.

I bet you have at least one or two friends who will agree with me that when they decided to declare themselves, the guy left, turned to dust…

And because a guy KNOWS I like him, when I didn’t SPEAK…

Because man works like man, and man works based on ATTITUDES, he only understands attitudes. Women function on the basis of words and understand words.

Many of you send me direct saying, he is always with me, he is always there, but he never SAID that he loves me…

So, no need to say anything, he knows that if you always agree to go out with him, always respond promptly on WhatsApp, or are somehow always available, you like him a lot.

Don’t always be available.

If you’re 100% available, he’ll soon tire of it, because he won’t have to make the effort to have you with him.

So the next time you are THINKING about proposing to a man, read this post a couple of hundred times before doing so.

No, you’re not being cold, even if he says that, and he says that, just to test you…

Give him the taste of conquering you, that’s what he likes. A woman doesn’t declare herself to a man!

The world is full of ease these days. So much so that more and more men are so relaxed in the face of a woman’s posture.

He knows he doesn’t need to make an effort, respect the way it has to be, give up things and make a commitment.

I mean, he knows, until he meets that woman who will just show that to keep her, he’s going to have to shake it off.

Then the coolest thing happens: The guy gets attached, falls in love, and spends his life in conquest, without being 100% sure that this woman loves him.

Indeed, knowing he knows, but he also knows that this love can end the moment he falters!

That’s why he stays, and that’s why he makes it work !