How long does it take for him to come back?

How long does it take for him to come back to you? Anxiety takes over and you don’t know what to do.

I’ll try to give some examples to make it easier:

You guys were around for a month and he suddenly disappeared?

Friend, it was probably just what he really wanted and he’s not even thinking about dating you …

Suggestion? Go to another!

You dated for six months to a year and he said you were smothering him

The relationship even seemed to be going well.

You shared things, went out, and traveled and everything seemed to be in its right place.

But you feel that he has started to pull away.

Then he finds some reason to create a fight and blames the breakup on you.

The most used phrase is: “You are suffocating me”.

And most likely it was!

But in this case, not because of stupid and unreasonable jealousy, but because of certain attitudes that actually mess with the female ego.

Like a thousand friends on Facebook who insist on leaving messages with double meanings,

friends who you know flirt with your man,

but he’s so silly he doesn’t realize it yet and then says you’re crazy, ballads with friends, and so on.

Well, there are things that, no matter how cold-blooded we are, it is not possible to tolerate.

After all, anyone who wants to be in a relationship must commit to it.

Wanting to have a girlfriend and at the same time trying to go out at night to a place full of women with friends is not a decent attitude.

It is a disrespectful and offensive attitude!

The good news is that if he’s really into it, after a short period of 15-30 days, he’ll come after you.

After six months of a relationship, he will already miss you physically and that is a great asset.

You dated between one and two years, but did your jealousy strain the relationship?

Here he is already involved in the relationship, however, you acted like a perfect freak.

He created a thousand fights due to jealousy and that includes his son, his ex-wife, his ex-girlfriend, his mother, his sister, friends, co-workers, and even his own shadow.

You used to send 100 messages in one day.

I chased him through the streets. He cared too much! He talked too much!

The poor guy couldn’t take so much pressure and explode.

With reason? In that case yes! No one can handle so much jealousy!

Jealousy ends the relationship, with respect and patience.

Jealousy is nothing more than a feeling of worthlessness. Your value to yourself.

And when we have no value with us what happens? The other also feels the same way.

The good news? You can indeed reverse the situation by disappearing from the map for about 20 days.

In 20 days he will forget about his psychotic breaks and start to miss you. Not before that!

After that time he will start to appear again, but with two feet behind.

But it will appear! I suggest that you rethink your values, your self-respect, and your dignity in your time alone. Ponder each feeling.

And change! Otherwise, your relationship goes down the drain again.

Remember, there is no man so proud as to let the woman he loves walk away…

The rest is just excuses, or else the love is over!

How long does it take for him to come back? In fact, it is impossible to predict, but one thing is certain.

The sooner you let go of the issue and let life take care of it, the faster it happens!