How to ignore a man?

Do you know how to effectively ignore a man, not that fake thing, just to get attention, which unfortunately is what most people do and that’s why it doesn’t work?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is: Why you want to ignore it!

What did he do? Did he do something undignified to you, or just screw up, but nothing too serious?

There is a huge difference, as there are women who simply want to ignore the guy, just to see him chase after, and I say, that’s a shot in the foot!

But when you do it legitimately, because there are limits, then the guy understands and respects it.

And the good part is that if he doesn’t respect it, you can discard it right away and move on to another one.

After all, the more time passes, the more I realize how precious our time is to be shared with the right person.

The person who makes us happy, who makes us laugh, who warms our soul, and not a relationship where the biggest adrenaline rush you feel is the anxiety of knowing where he is, with whom, why he disappeared, etc…

The biggest questions regarding ignoring are:

  • Can I go online on social media?

Yes, you can stay on social media normally… What do you do when you want to ignore someone?

It takes a while to respond, it visualizes and does not respond, it takes a few hours to respond and gives some excuse (here it sticks better with that guy who left you talking to yourself on WhatsApp and disappeared).

  • If he asks me out, will I accept? (after he has booked, disappeared in the day, or unmarked in the day, at the last minute).

No, you shouldn’t accept it, you should say you’re busy and suggest the day YOU want!

  • If the guy takes hours to answer you on social media or just asks how you are and doesn’t continue the conversation…

Don’t answer him next time either… Or take hours to…

Learn: With men, only ATTITUDES work!

You complain, it just shows him that you complain, but it’s there, that is, he doesn’t change, DR doesn’t change ANYTHING!

Because your energy remains the same… Only more need will emanate.

Whereas if you change your ATTITUDE, your energy changes, so you will reap different results.

And that’s where most can’t, why?

Because you’d rather continue to reap the same results, worse each time than really position yourself as someone of value!

As long as you let the guy play on the playground, HE WILL!

Ignoring a man is not only a question of intelligence but also of self-esteem and positioning.

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