How to deceive a man to fall in love?

How to deceive a man? Do you know?

Today I’m going to tell you something that will make you think a lot!

Do you know that man you think is Prince Harry this time?

Is he so nice, polite, rich, treats you well, seems like a nice guy, and is in the mood for a serious relationship?

Then you activate the “conquest mechanism” in your mind.

What do you do?

Try to show, prove, and make him understand, even if it’s force, that you are the perfect woman.

What do you do? He starts to dress, put on makeup, talk, walk, eat, live, according to what you THINK, supposes he would like…

In fact, whoever thinks he would like something is actually you, in your head.

And then the boy ends up getting involved with you…

But do you know what happens?

Then the masks fall off.

Because yes, he, just like you, also wants to give you the perfect image.

He is also acting according to how HE thinks it is in his mind.

Deep down, you even think he’s very fresh…

And deep down, he really wanted you to be that girl who doesn’t care about anything…

But the brain of the reason is in charge here, and that might work for a while!


You just tricked a man…

Do you know how?

Pretending to be who you are not!

Pretending to do, to have, acting differently from its essence.

And that generates a lot of fights during the relationship, simply because the mask falls off.

And when it falls, personalities, and egos, come into conflict, after all, where is the prince who didn’t burp in my face?

Where is the princess who didn’t bother me with anything? Why is she complaining about my burping?

And I give up to a few years at best for this relationship to last…


Do you know why? Because that’s the biggest proof of growth you can have in life.

Both him and you.

For you learned to love yourself, you learned to accept yourself and to be yourself!

Why do you want to deceive a man so much, when in fact, there is nothing better than the truth?

There is nothing better than a relationship where you are that and period!

Your way, with your flaws and qualities… and the other person, accept you!

It’s a relationship where you can come and talk about anything.

The other person won’t judge you… They’ll still laugh at how stupid you are and will love you more for it!