Why are we blind when we’re in love?

Why are we blind when we fall in love? Suddenly we meet a handsome guy, Prince Charming, he has all the qualities we admire and look for, he does everything the way we always wanted, and bam… There we are feeling butterflies in our stomachs when we remember him.

Now, because we fall in love with some people, and later on when that passion goes away, we realize that, in fact, we were in love with the illusion we created in our heads and not with the person themselves.

You can remember some times when you were in love, and after it passed you thought: “what did I see in him?”. Do you know why this happens? According to metaphysics, passion is nothing more than a “reflection” that you start to see in the other, however, the qualities are yours and are hidden, understand?

Let me try to be more specific… If you admire the guy because he’s funny, actually, the quality of being funny is yours, and you recognize it in him since somehow you’ve nullified that part of yourself.

How to make the passion end or pass? Simple, just take back what’s already yours… Example: Go back to being funny.

Look at that thing, and stop to analyze it. I realized that it’s true, we fall in love with our own hidden qualities, but are shown in others. 

That’s why having relationships and meeting new people is always learning about ourselves, don’t close yourself off to love, and relationships, because it’s extremely important for our growth and self-knowledge.

How many women, after a loving disappointment, see the brightness and strength they have which until then have always been hidden? And then you become complete of yourself, and when that really nice man arrives, you don’t put your foot down doing stupid things, you’re sensitive, you know how to wait and don’t get anxious to make him fall in love and get involved, you just know your value, and sees if he knows it too!

And the best of all? You don’t lose ground for a passion, after all, you are already very much in love with yourself.

For me, this is the secret of this whole game of love that we place so much importance on our lives. Again, we must LOVE OURSELVES, before thinking about loving someone. Everything revolves around one thing: OUR SELF-KNOWLEDGE!